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RaysUntilIntersection default Stop_No_Rays defines the way median and value area rays will be cut off when they meet the next trading session s price range Stop_No_Rays no rays are stopped anywhere. Stop_All_Rays all rays are stopped at an intersection with the price of another session. Stop_All_Rays_Except_Prev_Session all rays except the previous session s rays are stopped at an intersection with the price of another session.

Stop_Only_Previous_Session only rays of the previous session are stopped at an intersection with the price of another session. TimeShiftMinutes default 0 time shift for the sessions, in minutes. ShowKeyValues default true if trueValue Area High, Value Area Low, and Point of Control are displayed on the left of the market profile.

Positive value will move the session start to the left; negative to the right. KeyValuesColor default clrWhite color for Value Area High, Value Area Low, and Point of Control printout. KeyValuesSize default 8 font size for Value Area High, Value Area Low, and Point of Control printout. ShowSinglePrint default No can be set to Leftside or Rightside and will mark the single print profile a part of the profile, which is only one TPO wide. SinglePrintColor default clrGold color for single print marking if ShowSinglePrint isn t set to No.

PointMultiplier default 1 the higher it is, the wider are the profile s price boxes and the fewer are the chart objects. You can use it to reduce the indicator s load on CPU. ThrottleRedraw default 0 a delay in seconds that will be applied before each redraw of the profiles. Intraday sessions. EnableIntradaySessionN default true if true and Session is set to Intradaythen the indicator will attempt to drawn the intraday market profile N on the chart.

IntradaySessionNStartTime default HH MM start time in HH MM format for the intraday session N. IntradaySessionNEndTime default HH MM end time in HH MM format for the intraday session N. IntradaySessionNColorScheme default Blue_to_Red color scheme for the intraday session N. SaturdaySunday default Normal sessions how to treat Saturday and Sunday sessions Normal sessions Saturday and Sunday will be treated as normal sessions with their own daily and intraday sessions.

Ignore Saturday and Sunday Saturday and Sunday candlesticks will be ignored. Append Saturday and Sunday Saturday candlesticks will be appended to the Friday session; Sunday candlesticks will be appended to the Monday session. DisableAlertsOnWrongTimeframes default false if trueno pop-up alerts will appear on using Market Profile with wrong timeframe session combination. ProminentMedianColor default clrYellow color for the prominent median PPOC if ProminentMedianPercentage is set to 100 or less.

ProminentMedianPercentage default 101 percentage of TPOs out of all possible that should occur inside a median for it to be considered prominent PPOC. For example, if you set it to 50a median will be marked as prominent if it contains at least 24 TPOs in a daily session on M30 timeframe. If it is set to 101no prominent median is possible. The chart screenshot shows market profiles calculated and displayed for two daily Forex trading sessions. The timeframe is M30 and the right-hand daily session is still in progress.

The earliest prices are blue and the latest prices are red. The medians and the value areas are marked with the white lines and display the most important price areas. Traders tend to return to those areas if the volume of the breakout movement is not too high. High-volume breakout out of these areas signifies a real breakout. You can read more about Market Profile in this short e-book Book on Market Profile.

Bullish bearish coloring. The example below demonstrates how the Market Profile can be colored according to the direction of each bar in the session rather than its age. This is done when ColorBullBear is set to true. Daily sessions. Rectangle sessions. This example demonstrates how the indicator can display a market profile based on the rectangle chart objects freely drawn by a trader.

15, 2020-07-14. For this to work, a rectangle object has to be name MPR and the Session input parameter has to be set to Rectangle. MarketProfile indicator is being developed via a dedicated GitHub repository. You are encouraged to actively participate in the improvement of this indicator by submitting your own features via pull-requests and reviewing existing suggestions, changes, fixes, and so on. You can always discuss Market Profile with the other traders and MQL programmers on the indicators forums.

15 2020-07-14. Added Rectangle session type to display market profile based on rectangle objects added to the chart. It works on any timeframe. A rectangle should be named MPR to be detected by the indicator. Added single print highlighting ShowSinglePrint and SinglePrintColor input parameters. Added prominent median PPOC highlighting ProminentMedianPercentage and ProminentMedianColor input parameters. 14 2020-01-26. Replaced ValueAreaColor input parameter with two separate parameters ValueAreaSidesColor and ValueAreaHighLowColor to provide more control over how the value area is shown on the chart.

Changed RaysUntilIntersection input parameter to provide more control over which value area or point of control median rays are cut off at intersection with other sessions. Fixed a rounding error in MT5 version, which resulted in value areas being biased towards higher prices. Fixed a bug in MT5 version, which resulted in profile blocks being displayed in white color rather than not displayed at all when Single_Color scheme is used and SingleColor parameter is set to clrNone.

Bypassed a coloring bug in MT4 version that would cause the chart discoloring and blinking along with visible gaps showing in the profile. 13 2019-10-18. Added ColorBullBear input parameter to color the market profile according to bars directions. Added DisableAlertsOnWrongTimeframes input parameter to disable popup alerts when Market Profile is applied to a wrong timeframe.

Added optional printouts for Value Area High, Value Area Low, and Point of Control rates for each profile. Added grouping for input parameter in MT5 version of the indicator. 12 2019-03-27. Added RaysUntilIntersection input parameter, which helps to hide the rays of the previous sessions median and value area that have already been violated by newer trading sessions. Fixed a bug with TPO display when the symbol s TickSize is higher than. 11 2019-01-20.

Fixed a bug when empty holes could appear in the profile when the current session was built. Fixed a bug that prevented current session profile from drawing from the first bar. Fixed some potential array out of range errors. 10 2018-12-25. Fixed potential array out of range error when old chart with Market Profile indicator is reopened. 09 2018-12-24.

Added two alternative options for dealing with Saturday and Sunday candlesticks. Added more flexibility to displaying Median and Value Area rays. Changed Median to draw as a single line inside the value area. Reduced the size of the working arrays significantly, which should make MP calculation on some trading instruments faster. 08 2018-05-28. Added smart color graduation depending on timeframe and session type.

Added an option to project the Median Point of Control of the previous session to the right side of the chart. Added single color scheme. Added PointMultiplier input parameter to allow traders to set wider profile iq option farsa, helping with indicator s performance. Added ThrottleRedraw input parameter to delay indicator s display updates, helping to reduce its load on the CPU. Fixed a potential bug when incorrect chart object naming routine could cause glitchy display of the market profile.

Changed hard initialization failure to a soft one this will prevent input parameters from resetting when incorrect timeframe and session type combination is used. 07 2018-02-06. Added support for up to four intraday sessions. Added three new color schemes for drawing the market profile. Some minor code tweaks and improvements. 06 2017-11-30. Added proper object cleanup when Market Profile is used with chart templates.

05 2017-11-23. Added optional display for the previous session s Value Area High Low lines. Added time shift input parameter to move the sessions across time zones. 04 2016-11-07. Fixed Array out of range errors. 03 2016-01-25. Added support for three sessions daily, weekly, and monthly. Fixed chart object deletion to only delete indicator s own objects. Optimized execution speed. Increased the range of supported timeframes.

Added inline indicator description. Improved interface enumerated input parameters. Code rewritten completely to comply with the current MQL4 and MQL5 standards. 01 2011-12-11. Fixed compatibility issues due to new coding conventions in MQL5. Original version of Market Profile released for MT4 and MT5. 00 2010-07-23. citizen or permanent resident and looking for a regulated binary options broker that guarantees that client s funds are held in a segregated bank account, then MarketsWorld could be a great choice for your binary options trading needs MarketsWorld is regulated and licensed broker which enables trades with binary options based on indices, currencies, and commodities.

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The review seeks to arm you with relevant information before you get involved with binary options Binary Options Trading Strategy - Binary Options Strategy. The world of marketsworld binary options binary options trading is both very exciting and dangerous. Download MT4 for Windows PC to enjoy cutting edge features and access to multi-currency and multilanguage trading support. You may also trade on MT4 Webtrader, the web-based platform which doesn t require downloading or installing and can be accessed via your internet browser.

Trade on MetaTrader 4 For Windows. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our VPS service which allows you to run your EAs on the MT4 smoothly regardless of the OS or the connection quality of your terminal. Register for an MT4 Demo Account Now. These fields are required. At ATFX, we offer the world s most popular online trading platform, MetaTrader 4 MT4.

This user-friendly platform offers just the right mix of trading tools for traders across all levels of experience, including indicators, expert advisors EAsand much more. Stay updated with the latest developments in the global forex and CFD markets and make well informed trading decisions with MT4. MT4 Desktop offers the Best Trading Experience. Custom Indicators and More.

MT4 provides a simple and easy means to tailor indicators to your trading style. Customise libraries, scripts and even EAs to ease trading. Cutting-Edge Charting Tools. Diversify Trading. Automate Trading with Expert Advisors EAs. Trader-Focused Leverage. What is MT4 Desktop. Developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, MetaTrader 4 MT4 is one of the most popular trading platforms worldwide. It has gained global prominence due to its cutting-edge technology, easy to use functionality and high security standards.

It comes preloaded with over 50 technical indicators, whilst offering traders access to 9 different timeframes and several chart types. The key features of MT4 allow traders to conveniently monitor the markets, so they can effectively place entry and exit orders. MT4 having enhanced trading speed, provides a robust and stable platform with multiple functionalities to ease the process of online trading.

ATFX s MT4 platform offers the ultimate trading experience with customisable technical indicators and EAs whilst hosting a wide range of instruments, including forex, cryptocurrency CFDs, precious metals, indices and crude oil. Privacy and Cookie Policy Terms and Condition. We are committed to meeting your CFD and forex trading needs.

Up to 100,000 virtual funds. Start live forex trading. Legal AT Global Markets UK Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA in the United Kingdom. FCA registration number 760555. Registered Office 1st Floor, 32 Cornhill, London EC3V 3SG, United Kingdom. 12 of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs Spread betting with this provider.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs Spread betting work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please read the full risk disclosure on pages 42-45 of our Terms of Business. The commercialisation of services and the acquisition of clients can only be carried out in Spain by an authorised entity or through a tied agent. Friedberg Direct, 181 Bay Street, Suite 250 Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T3.

Online trading of financial markets continues to attract thousands of new entrants every day. NinjaTrader - Which Platform is better. MetaTrader4 vs. This article will compare MetaTrader4 also known as MT4the retail-and-broker favorite, against NinjaTrader, the leader in the independent category, which has failed to gain traction outside of the US market.

Both platforms are available as a free download, but hidden costs do exist. There are a few defining decisions to consider before starting to trade, however, and selecting the right trading platform is one of them. Experienced traders know, and new traders will soon discover, that the trading platform represents the centerpiece of daily trading operations. It is how traders connect to markets, retrieve necessary data, perform analytics, and manage portfolios. Ideally, it will be a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Because different traders have different requirements in order to execute their respective strategies, analyze assets, and implement risk management, a highly customizable trading platform remains the most appropriate and best option. The Rise of MT4. Full support for third-party developers and FinTech firms is available at MetaTrader4 and NinjaTrader alike. MetaQuotes Software Corporation, headquartered in Cyprus, is the developer of the MT4 trading platform.

It has dominated retail Forex trading since it was launched in 2005; at one time, the MT4 was generally the only suitable option for the majority of traders. Being the first to disrupt the online brokerage scene, management at MT4 realized an emerging trend in its fledgling phase and capitalized on it well. The original MT4 design was for Forex market makers. In 2010, the MT5 platform, successor to the MT4, was launched. Regrettably, the MT5 failed to gain traction as a multi-asset platform, due primarily to its lack of backward compatibility with MT4 a significant misstep by the development team.

Brokers began to offer non-Forex assets on the MT4 platform but, despite its unrivaled success, MetaQuotes officially and inexplicably stopped supporting MT4. While it is available as a download from their website, the disappointing MT5 version installs instead. Read our in-depth comparison of MT4 vs MT5. How did MetaTrader4 corner the trading platform market.

The MT5 is often referred to by the professional community as the failed successor platform. All efforts, by broker and MetaQuotes, to sell the MT5 as a superior choice over the MT4 have failed, clear testament to the deep roots the MT4 platform continues to nourish across global trading desks. It is one of the most versatile trading platforms available, and almost every broker maintains it.

MT4 has dominated Forex trading iq option farsa over fifteen years. The cost to acquire a full license starts at 100,000, but many new brokers opt instead for a White Label solution, generally at a fraction of the cost. While that makes it appealing to brokers, one of the most critical reasons why MT4 was able to corner the trading platform market is its complete support for automated trading solutions and full customization and upgrades via third-party plugins. Another popular trend is social trading, enabled at MT4 through third-party add-ons.

Retail and professional traders remain loyal, more to the MT4 infrastructure than to the MT4 trading platform, a trend unlikely to change materialistically moving forward. Some social-trading focused brokers provide only their proprietary solutions, which neglects tens of millions of existing traders who favor MT4. Due to the ease of development for customized solutions, brokers can offer in-house services on MT4.

Finally, the multi-account manager MAM feature allows retail account management under the percent allocation management module PAMM. It supports thousands of micro and small portfolio managers who have built their entire business on the MT4 and its flexibility to implement expert advisors EAs or trading robots, together with custom trading indicators. Over 1,200 brokers are known to offer MT4 versus support by only six brokers as noted on the NinjaTrader website. Disadvantages of MetaTrader4.

No trading platform is perfect, and there are several disadvantages to point out. Brokers who deploy a proprietary trading platform tend to offer higher trading costs on MT4, attempting to direct volume to their solutions. While some complaints about speed exist, at least as compared to MT5 or alternative platforms, minor tweaks to the settings can generally overcome them, and brokers are actively taking steps to minimize latency across the board.

MT4 was primarily designed for Forex and futures trading, resulting in generally fewer assets. Since the failure of the multi-asset MT5 platform, brokers started to add CFDs to MT4, narrowing the asset selection gap. It is possible to have access to sufficient assets to allow proper cross-asset diversification, suitable for all retail traders and small portfolio management firms, if the broker wishes to enable it. The lack of flexibility by the MetaQotes team is one of the most notable setbacks of MT4.

What is NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader is the flagship product of the US-based NinjaTrader Group, which was founded in 2003 in an attempt to disrupt the trading platform industry. Despite this, what is impressive about the NinjaTrader is the 450 developers who created over 1,000 add-ons, including 408 custom technical indicators. Over the past seven years, it has only managed to attract slightly more than 60,000 users, a fraction of the tens of millions who consider themselves MT4 traders.

NinjaTrader falsely claims to be the world s leading futures, Forex, stock, and CFD markets chart provider. Despite its relatively small fan base, NinjaTrader is the leader in independent trading platform development. It confirms the dominance of either MT4 or proprietary trading solutions by well-established brokers. Another misleading claim that NinjaTrader touts is that the platform supports a wide choice of brokers; per its own website, it supports its own brokerage division, as well as Interactive Brokers, Forex.

com, Oanda, Ameritrade, and CityIndex. The fact is, NinjaTrader is exclusively focused on the North American market and even in that, its market penetration is thin. Simply put, it has failed to gain market share elsewhere in the world. Disadvantages of NinjaTrader. Besides its focus exclusively on the North American market, one of the most significant drawbacks is the lack of streaming data.

Supported data feed providers are Kinetick its preferred partnereSignal, TradeStation, iQFeed, Cedro Technologies, Portara CQG, Global Datafeeds, TrueData, BitMEX, Lenz Partner, and Total Cryptos. Users are required to purchase a third-party data feed, though an option for free end-of-day data exists. Depending on the need of the traders and the desired market coverage, obtaining these data streams can result in thousands of dollars in monthly fees.

MT4 users can receive the data free of charge from their brokers. With the 2014 acquisition of Mirus Futures, the NinjaTrader brokerage began offering streaming data free of charge to its clients. The NFA-registered introducing broker serves US clients only, further limiting its potential market reach. Alternatively, it can be purchased for a one-time lifetime payment of 1,099 available in four installments; this option does not include access to data feeds.

NinjaTrader can be leased for 720 per year, with monthly or quarterly payment plans available. Due to the associated costs, NinjaTrader is not a viable choice for retail traders; however, clients of the brokerage unit may consider it as an option. MT4 advantages over NinjaTrader. MT4 is widely available, as almost every broker maintains it. The out-of-the-box version comes with nine time-frames, 30 built-in technical indicators, and 24 graphic objects.

Together, they provide traders with the necessary tools for proper market analysis, identification of trading signals, and calculation of entry and exit levels, which are further supported by tick charts. Live data feeds are free of charge, provided by the broker or by MetaQuotes. A streaming news service delivers market-relevant events, and traders may set alerts. MT4 supports six order types, two market orders, and four pending orders, for proper planning, risk management, and for more complex trading strategies.

A trailing stop order is equally available. It is available as a desktop client, a webtrader, and a mobile version. This fully secure platform allows new traders to get started, with all necessary tools, completely free of charge. It has stood the test of time and earned the trust of tens of millions of traders around the world. NinjaTrader advantages over MT4. Chart customization is superior in NinjaTrader over MT4. The ability to link multiple charts together provides a distinct advantage.

For example, a trader can open three EUR USD charts, displaying various time-frames and indicators; changing one to GBP USD will change all corresponding ones. Developers also enjoy an advantage as they can code in Cand NinjaTrader supports all Windows. Net functions, including voice commands by Cortana. NinjaTrader additionally supports the OCO one cancels other order function. MT4 comes with its own language, MQL, and requires some adjustments. Free daily webinars assist new traders in using the NinjaTrader trading platform.

Traders can react to fast-moving markets through instant execution via one-click trading and chart trading. Which trading platform is superior for automated trading solutions. Both platforms fully support iq option farsa trading, the most disruptive trend across financial markets, which remains in its infancy. While NinjaTrader has an edge in developer-friendliness, MT4 remains the better choice for automated trading solutions.

NinjaTrader lists only 91 automated trading strategies and 408 custom indicators. Conversely, MT4 features 15,466 autonomous trading robots, referred to as expert advisors EAsand 6,976 custom indicators. Through the use of a VPS server, often provided as a free service by MT4 brokers focused on automated trading, MT4 solutions can trade the markets non-stop without requiring the presence or connection of the trader.

A fast-growing number of micro and small portfolio managers are deploying solutions developed on the MT4 infrastructure, particularly across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. One slowly growing trend is the use of automated solutions created outside MT4, with an API provided by the broker to connect to MT4 for order placement and management. MT4 versus NinjaTrader costs and fees. Over 1,200 brokers maintain MT4, but most of them offer the basic version only.

The majority of licenses, especially by smaller brokers, are obtained via a White Label solution, which can cost as little as 5,000. Given that, most brokers retain the bare minimum and advertise it as a cutting-edge trading platform. That compares to a minimum cost of 100,000 for the full license. While that claim is inaccurate, the MT4 does support upgrades to achieve the advertised advantage.

Depending on the trader and strategy, it can cost as little as 50 and increase to above 250. Multiple solutions will increase that cost, but it is entirely possible to trade live markets with all necessary tools free of charge with MT4. More than 22,000 third-party add-ons are available, and while many free ones exist, the quality upgrades often come at a cost. That is yet another reason why the MT4 is dominant; by some measures, it accounts for 95 of Forex trading volume globally excluding Japan.

Across the board, NinjaTrader is considerably more expensive than MT4. The most cost-effective solution of live trading is the one-time lifetime license fee of 1,099, which is comparable to the free version of MT4. Next are the costs for the live data feed, which can be as little as 20 per month to as much as several thousand dollars, depending on the desired asset selection.

Third-party add-ons are significantly more expensive to obtain, and can range between 500 and 5,000 in one-time costs; again, that cost is dependent on the requirements of traders. MT4 remains the superior choice across the board. The basic version of MT4, iq option farsa offered by most brokers, is superior to the NinjaTrader s end-of-day set-up, which is available for free but generally unsuitable for traders. There are some features where NinjaTrader outperforms, but third-party MT4 upgrades address them with a less expensive solution than the costs to obtain a trade-ready NinjaTrader version.

Ease of use of the MT4 aside, considering the high costs to bring NinjaTrader on par with an enhanced MT4 trading platform, and coupled with global support for MT4 versus the localized US-focused NinjaTrader, most traders will find a superior solution in an upgraded MT4. TradingView focuses primarily on social trading. Is TradingView better than MT4. While sharing charts is simple, the platform lacks trader-friendliness when analyzing assets. The basic version is free, but constant reminders to upgrade to the pro version are a distraction and annoyance.

No, a trade-ready NinjaTrader requires costly licenses and upgrades, together with often costly subscriptions for live data feeds. Is NinjaTrader really free. Is MetaTrader4 good. MT4 provides most traders with the best overall choice and is ready to use with the out-of-the-box version. TradingView may qualify for social-traders, but MT4 offers more value and a superior analytics environment. Missing features in the basic version can be upgraded through over 22,000 add-ons and EAs.

Is NinjaTrader a good broker. The brokerage division is an NFA-registered introducing broker which offers futures and options contracts with limited leverage to US clients. Most traders will find a better choice elsewhere. Ibeth contributes daily market commentary in both English and Spanish both of which she speaks fluently and she also manages the DailyForex mobile app to ensure that traders around the world are getting important market updates in real time.

Did you like what you read. Comments including inappropriate will also be removed. Android in PlayMarket iPhone iPad in AppStore. Trading platform MetaTrader 4 is rightfully considered worldwide as the most popular solution for professional trading. Advantages of MetaTrader 4. More than 330 instruments for efficient trading 54 currency pairs, spot-metals, gold and silver, CFD stocks, indexes and futures raw materials and energy resources.

The platform is compatible with the vast online library of user indicators and expert counsellors. MT4 platform videoguide.

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