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Interactive debugging is possible with a supported DBGp client. Set and remove breakpoints on lines - pause execution when a breakpoint is reached. Step through code line by line - step into, over or out of functions and subroutines. Inspect all variables or a specific variable. View the stack of running subroutines and functions. Note that this functionality is disabled for compiled scripts.

To enable interactive debugging, first launch a supported debugger client then launch the script with the Debug command-line switch. SERVER and PORT may be omitted. For example, the following are equivalent. AHK_L 59 To attach the debugger to a script which is already running, send it a message as shown below. Once the debugger client is connected, it may detach without terminating the script by sending the detach DBGp command.

When you first start SDRa window should open looking similar to the above. This is because there is no input device selected. You will notice that there is no frequency selected, and that the tuning indicator is tuned to DC. BASIC LAYOUT. Most DVB-T tuners based on the Realtek chip will work, and may include the E4000, FC0012, or FC0013 tuner chips. In the examples that follow, the input device used will be a DVB-T dongle with a Realtek RTL2832u control chip and an Elonics E4000 tuner.

However, the actual tuning ranges and performance of the different tuner chips will vary. 552, the zadig USB driver has been installed, and Osmocom rtlsdr. dll copied into the SDR install folder. See the INSTALLING SDR section for details. The main display is broken down into separate panels, each of which has a specific purpose. The operating system shown is Windows XP SP3, SDR version 1.

These panels may be set to default settings, and you may not need to adjust these. Feel free to become familiar with the purpose and operation of each setting. If you make changes that cause SDR to become unresponsive or otherwise operate improperly, simply restarting the program will reset all settings to their default setting with the exception of the Frequency Correction ppm adjustment.

See ADJUSTING FREQUENCY CORRECTION for details. On the very top, you will see the Start and Stop buttons, with bullet selections for either IQ Stream or Wave File. IQ Stream is the default selection, and the one we will use to capture a signal from the dongle. RADIO PANEL. Next to that is an interface to select a file if Wave File is selected.

Frequency The current tuned frequency. NFM Narrow FM AM Amplitude Modulation LSB Lower Side Band USB Upper Side Band WFM Wide FM DSB Double Side Band CW-L Continuous Wave Lower CW-U Continuous Wave Upper. Center The current frequency of the center of the FFT display when NOT zoomed in. Select a new Center that is the same or near the desired new Frequency.

NOTE If a frequency is entered that is outside the current frequency range displayed by the FFT, the frequency will not change. Shift This is to input an offset if an upconverter or downconverter is used so that the selected frequency is corrected to display the actual tuned frequency. Simply check the Shift box and enter your offset. Front End Input Select The input select will allow you to choose your desired input device.

A properly installed program will show. RTL-SDR TCP RTL2832u device via TCP connection RTL-SDR USB RTL2832u device via USB connection FUNcube Dongle SoftRock SiS570 Other. Filter Type This is to select the desired filtering type. Different filters will cause changes in the demodulated signal audio response curve due to differing envelopes and filtering profiles. Filter Bandwidth This is the effective width of the signal being processed for the mode selected.

You can see the affected area in both the FFT and Waterfall area of the display when zoomed in, and you can either change the filter width here, or by dragging the outer edge of the grayed out area in either live display. Filter Order A modifier for the selected filter. The default setting works for most applications. Squelch Turn squelch on, and select the level with the box below it.

Squelch levels may change depending on filtering type and mode selected. Changes the frequency shift in either CW mode. Similar to changing a BFO Beat Frequency oscillator. Snap To Grid Forces frequency to snap to frequency steps selected when drag tuning. Correct IQ Enables SDR s exclusive Automatic IQ Correction. Swap I Q Swap I Q inputs. Useful when using sound card input devices Swaps L R inputs to I Q. FM Stereo Select FM Stereo demodulation when using WFM with broadcast FM radio.

Mark Peaks Displays a marker on detected peaks above the noise floor. FREQUENCY MANAGER PANEL. New Adds the current frequency mode center to the frequency. xml file located in the SDR folder. Delete Deletes the current selected frequency from the visible list. Group Displays a user defined group, All Groupsor Favorites. Edit Edits the current selected frequency from the visible list. The list displayed for the current selected frequency group may be sorted by either Name or Frequency in either direction by clicking the title bar at the top of either column.

AUDIO PANEL. AF Gain Volume Control. Samplerate May not be highlighted or adjustable, depending on the input device selected. Input Input source. May not be highlighted or adjustable, depending on the input device selected. Output Audio output control. Useful if multiple sound cards or Virtual Audio Cable VAC is used. Latency Audio delay in milliseconds. Filter Audio Enables a passband filter for audio output.

Uncheck if using software to decode POCSAG or other digital modes. AGC PANEL Automatic Gain Control. Use AGC Select or deselect AGC. Use Hang Threshold Decay Slope Modifiers to adjust ACG response and behavior. FFT DISPLAY PANEL. View Select either FFT display, Waterfall, or both. Window Select FFT processing type. Each filter has different response curves and envelopes.

Resolution Display resolution from 512 to 4194304 by powers of 2. None Hamming Blackman Blackman-Harris Hamm-Poisson Youssef. 4096 is the default selection. NOTE Processing overhead increases with higher resolution settings, and may cause erratic operation or audio stuttering if too high a resolution is selected. 16384 appears to be a good selection for display performance compromise. Use Time Markers Displays Date and Time markers on the left side of the Waterfall display every 10 seconds with default settings in the SDR config.

S-Attack S-Decay W-Attack W-Decay These all affect the response and appearance of the FFT and Waterfall displays. Device Used to select the desired device if more than one is connected. It will also display the detected tuner type for RTL front end tuners. Sample Rate Available sample rates for the selected device is displayed. Lower Sample rates will cause a narrower bandwidth to be displayed on the live displays FFT Waterfall. A higher rate will display a wider bandwidth.

RTL AGC Enable AGC in the Realtek 2832u front end. Too high a bandwidth may cause dropouts, stuttering or other problems. RF Gain Available gain setting will be displayed and selectable for the detected tuner. Only available if Tuner AGC is deselected. This and the above two selections are for manual tweaking of the dongle. Frequency Correction ppm Adjust the tuner so that the displayed frequency equals the actual tuned one. See ADJUSTING FREQUENCY CORRECTION for operation. ADJUSTING FREQUENCY CORRECTION.

Most if not all DVB-T dongles purchased for use as SDR devices will have errors in tuning. That being said, their operation is pretty impressive considering that most cost about 20 or so. Tuner AGC Enable AGC in the tuner. The main problem is that the crystal acting as the master clock for the dongle is an unadjusted 28. 8 Mhz device. Since the frequency error is completely linear over the tuning range of the device, an error correction in ppm parts per million can be used to adjust and correct the device at the software side of operation.

This correction can be found in the Front End selection in the Radio panel. The bottom selection is going to be used in this example of tuning your device so that the desired frequency is actually the one selected. In this example we are going to be using a NOAA weather frequency in the US. Other locations may use any known local frequency. Selecting a constant broadcast one will make things easier, but an intermittent one will do if no other strong signal is available and you have a little patience.

I will be using a NOAA Weather station located at 162. 450 Mhz with my center tuned to 162. 888 Mhz approx. The actual Center frequency does not matter as long as the desired reference frequency is within the displayed range of the FFT. To achieve this there are only a few simple steps involved. You will notice that the tuning indicator is located directly on the peak at that location indicating a properly tuned dongle.

Without any ppm adjustment set to 0the display may look more like the one below. After tuning to the reference frequency, use the zoom control on the right of the FFT display to get a closer look at the frequencies signal pattern. Notice that the ppm correction is at 0, and that the tuning indicator does not line up with the center of the reference signal. In the next step we us the up down arrows to adjust the ppm correction to bring the tuning indicator to the center of the signal carrier.

In the above example, the receive mode is NFM narrow FMand the carrier center is plainly visible. The carrier center is below the expected position on the display, so we will use the up arrow to add the ppm multiplier to the signal. If the carrier center was higher than the expected position on the tuning indicatorwe would use a negative adjustment. One click at a time, bring the carrier center to line up with the tuning indicator. In this case it took a correction of 7. You will notice that every click walked the carrier slightly closer to the tuning indicator.

You may not get the indicator exactly centered because the ppm adjustment is an integer. Even so, it s going to be more than accurate enough. You may notice that there is a slight overshoot to the right about half an inch down as 8 was selected, and then 7 was once again picked as the best correction factor. You may want to write the ppm on the dongle itself as a reference. It is also recommended that you use the dongle for 15 or 20 minutes to let it warm up before adjusting, as frequency drift is affected by temperature.

INSTALLING SDR. SDR is distributed in two separate zip files from the Downloads section of the SDR homepage. Due to licensing and packaging considerations, all of the required files needed to install SDR have been split into two separate files, plus one more rtlsdr. dll that is available from the WWW. This filename and location may change, so check the OSMOCOM website for details.

From the Downloads page on the SDR homepage, download the latest SDR Dev releaseand the latest SDR RTLSDR Plugin. Both files will be in zip format and will extract using Winzip or Winrar. The contents iq option jogo the main release zip should look something like this. Extract all of the files in this zip to the folder location of your choice. Next open the RTLSDR Plugin zip, and the contents will look similar to. Extract all of the files to the folder where you installed the contents of the first zip.

Notice however that there is also a folder contained in the zip, config. This folder contains only one file, sdrsharp. Move or iq option jogo this file into the parent folder, overwriting the existing file. The only file you will need is in the x32 folder within the zip is rtlsdr. Copy this file into the SDR install folder. The actual filenames, number of files, or packaging may change with future releases of SDRso only use these install instructions as a guideline. Any changes in the install procedure will be reflected here, so check back for the latest version.

One advantage of installing all of the files directly into a folder and not using an installer iq option jogo that SDR is completely portable. SDR can be run directly from a thumb drive or network share. Just make sure all of the files are in a single folder, and run the SDRSharp. Upgrades are equally simple. Just repeat with the contents of new version zip files. dll should not have to be reinstalled as this file never gets overwritten.

There is no need to uninstall to do an upgrade or make a program location change. Just overwrite the current files with the new ones, or move the folder and all its contents. The complete install folder may also be copied from one machine to another. There is one additional step needed to get SDR running with RTL based devices. В Installing the zadig USB driver, replacing the default windows one. В This driver MUST be installed successfully for proper operation of the dongle.

SDR and SDRSharp 2012 Youssef Touil Portions of the SDR Source Code including Automatic IQ Correction Algorithm for Non-Commercial and Educational Use Only. All Rights reserved and licensing subject to change. Remember, these are mass produced consumer items, not precision instruments. What Narcissists Really Want to See in Your Eyes. Tired of Day-to-Day Existence. Why the Best Sex May Be Yet to Come.

Send trails from Wikiloc to your Garmin GPS Garmin Connect IQ. Wikiloc for Garmin Connect IQ wonderfully covers the basic need to download a trail from Wikiloc to your Garmin GPS with the utmost ease. Have a compatible Garmin Compatible devices on the Compatible Devices tab. Garmin operating system at least version 2.

Once you have the route in your Garmin, you can rely on the native navigation capabilities of your Garmin to follow the track in the outdoors. 1 iOS minimum version 3. Have the Wikiloc App on your smartphone Android minimum version 2. 16 iOS minimum version 2. You don t meet the requirements. Download trails from Wikiloc s website and transfer them to your Garmin s SD.

9 Have a Wikiloc account Create one here Have a Wikiloc Premium subscription or the former Navigation Pack. Pairing guide. Install the Wikiloc app on your Garmin. You can do it from Garmin Connect IQ s website download. Make sure your phone has Internet access and your Garmin is connected via Bluetooth with your smartphone s Garmin Connect App. Please refer to the Garmin Documentation to do this.

Open the Wikiloc app on your Garmin. Open it to enter your Wikiloc login information. The app will send you a notification from Garmin Connect IQ on your phone. Once done, you ll see the Connection successful. message on your Garmin. Now you ll see a screen informing that you still don t have trails pending to be transferred. Now, your Garmin is connected to your Wikiloc account. Have the Wikiloc App on your Garmin Download from the Garmin Connect IQ Store Have the Garmin Connect App on your smartphone Android minimum version 3.

On your phone, open your Wikiloc App, go to Settings and make sure that you re logged in with the same email and password that you ve entered in step 3 see above. Now you are all set. Find a trail of your interest through the Wikiloc App on your smartphone, tap on the Send to your GPS button and then tap on Send to your Garmin button. The trail will be automatically transferred and stored locally into your Garmin GPS.

On your Garmin, open the Wikiloc ConnectIQ App and tap on Continue or press Start to confirm the download. Can I unpair a device from my account. Be aware that, once unpaired, the Wikiloc ConnectIQ App will ask you to log in again. I don t have a Wikiloc account yet, how can I sign up. You can create your Wikiloc account from the Wikiloc web, the Wikiloc app, or just from the login process described in the abovementioned step 3.

The paired devices will appear on your Settings page on the Wikiloc web. Go to Create your account and enter your email, username, and password. The device will be paired to your account, but it s still pending to validation. Check your inbox, as you should receive a validation email with a link to validate your account.

Open it and you ll be set to send your favorite trails to your Garmin. In the smartphone Wikiloc App Android iOSthere s no Send to your Garmin button. If the Send to your Garmin button does not appear on your Wikiloc app for smartphone, please open the Wikiloc App on your Garmin GPS and follow the on-screen instructions. - Account paired to your smartphone s Wikiloc App from your smartphone s Wikiloc app profile tab.

If nothing appears on your Garmin screen, you probably have two accounts and accessed your phone s Wikiloc App through a different account from the one you used to sign into Garmin s Wikiloc App. Make sure that from both devices you re logged in with the account that has Wikiloc Premium - If you need to switch the account linked to your smartphone s Wikiloc App Profile tab Settings Log out.

To check it - Account paired to your Garmin from the Garmin Connect Mobile app Apps of your Garmin Wikiloc Settings. - If you need to unpair your Garmin GPS from your Wikiloc account Open the Wikiloc app on your Garmin Press the up button or the menu button with 3 lines for a few seconds unpair. Follow the pairing guide process again if needed.

When you see There are no pending routesit means that it has been correctly paired. Check your phone s Internet connection message. In the Garmin Wikiloc App, I got the Error connecting to Wikiloc. That means that the App cannot reach the Wikiloc servers. In the Garmin Wikiloc App, I got the Oops. Make sure that your phone has Internet access and the Garmin Connect app opens at least in the background.

You should update your Garmin device firmware. In the Garmin Wikiloc App, I get the Check your internet access message. In that case, make sure you have the Garmin Connect app open even in the background. In the Garmin Wikiloc App, I constantly get the Trail download error. First try deleting all of the downloaded trails in your Garmin go to Navigate and delete them one by one. You need to update your Garmin GPS firmware message.

The Wikiloc ConnectIQ App requires software features that have been included in the most recent firmware versions for your Garmin device. The problem should be solved. If you still have issues. Uninstall the Garmin Wikiloc app. Connect your GPS to the computer and update the device to the latest version through Garmin Express. Install the Wikiloc app into your Garmin again. In the Garmin Connect IQ App, I don t get the notification to identify myself as a Wikiloc user. Make sure you have the Garmin Connect app open in the foregroundand that the phone is connected to the Internet.

How to unpair your Garmin device from your Wikiloc account. Inside the signup web page, I don t get the I m not a robot button. Open the Wikiloc app on your Garmin Press the up button or the menu button with 3 lines for a few seconds unpair. Your Wikiloc account will automatically unpair from the Garmin device. identifier, string, or host-variable. SET OPTION statement. host-variable indicator allowedstring, identifier, or number. Changes database options.

Sets the WAIT_FOR_COMMIT option to on. Embedded SQL examples. Sets the DATE_FORMAT option. The SET OPTION statement is used to change options that affect the behavior of the database and its compatibility with Transact-SQL. Setting the value of an option can change the behavior for all users or an individual user, in either a temporary or permanent scope. The classes of options are. General database options.

Transact-SQL compatibility database options. Specifying either a user ID or the PUBLIC user ID determines whether the option is set for an individual user, a user group represented by useridor the PUBLIC user ID the user group to which all users are a member. For example, the following statement applies an option change to the PUBLIC user ID, a user group to which all users belong.

Only users with DBA privileges have the authority to set an option for the PUBLIC user ID. In Embedded SQL, only database options can be set temporarily. Changing the value of an option for the PUBLIC user ID sets the value of the option for any user that has not set its own value. Option values cannot be set for an individual user ID unless there is already a PUBLIC user ID setting for that option.

Users cannot set the options of another user, unless they have DBA authority. If no user group is specified, the option change is applied to the currently logged-on user ID that issued the SET OPTION statement. Users can use the SET OPTION statement to change the values for their own user IDs. Setting the value of an option for a user ID other then your own is permitted only if you have DBA authority.

If you use the EXISTING keyword, option values cannot be set for an individual user ID unless there is already a PUBLIC user ID setting for that option. Adding the TEMPORARY keyword to the SET OPTION statement changes the duration that the change takes effect. When SET TEMPORARY OPTION is applied using an individual user ID, the new option value is in effect as long as that user is logged in to the database.

Without the TEMPORARY keyword, an option change is permanent it does not change until it is explicitly changed using SET OPTION. When SET TEMPORARY OPTION is used with the PUBLIC user ID, the change is in place for as long as the database is running. When the database is shut down, TEMPORARY options for the PUBLIC user ID revert back to their permanent value. Temporarily setting an option for the PUBLIC user ID as opposed to setting the value of the option permanently offers a security advantage.

For example, when the login_mode option is enabled, the database relies on the login security of the system on which it is running. Enabling the option temporarily means a database relying on the security of a Windows domain is not compromised if the database is shut down and copied to a local machine. In that case, the temporary enabling of login_mode reverts to its permanent value, which might be Standard, a mode in which integrated logins are not permitted.

If option-value is omitted, the specified option setting is deleted from the database. If it was a personal option setting, the value used reverts to the PUBLIC setting. If a TEMPORARY option is deleted, the option setting reverts to the permanent setting. 8 is truncated to 3. For example, the value 3. For all database options that accept integer values, Sybase IQ truncates any decimal option-value setting to an integer value.

The maximum length of option-value when set to a string is 127 bytes.  Changing option settings while fetching rows from a cursor is not supported, as it can lead to ill-defined behavior. Do not change option settings while fetching rows. For example, changing the DATE_FORMAT setting while fetching from a cursor returns different date formats among the rows in the result set. Database options. For information about specific database options, see Chapter 2, “Database Options.

If TEMPORARY is not specified, an automatic commit is performed. None required to set your own options. Must have DBA authority to set database options for another user or PUBLIC. The IQ Robot s self-emptying capability combined with its ability to only clean certain areas make it possible for me to set 30 days of scheduling and have a truly automated cleaning experience. Empties itself Excellent suction Useful home mapping Reasonable price Loud operation Robot takes a week to learn surroundings.

I m too lazy to robot vacuum. I don t feel like making sure the pet s bowls aren t in the way, moving the shoes out of the middle of the entryway, and moving my laptop cord and cellphone chargers so the robot doesn t eat them. Most of all, I don t feel like emptying the dustbin on a regular basis. Shark IQ Robot R101AE Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum review. Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a new robot vacuum by Shark called the IQ Robot. What does the Shark IQ Robot have over the gazillion other robot vacuums on the market.

Is it prettier. Will it fold my laundry. Time is money as they say. What makes it so special. Well, like the Roomba i7 plus, the Shark IQ R101AE is an auto-emptying robot vacuum. It s also supposed to have exceptional suction power, a self-cleaning brush roll, advanced mapping capabilities, and a relatively affordable price tag. Considering that features tend to add to the pricing, it s comforting that Shark keeps it relatively obtainable.

Now, the question is whether or not there are any major compromises. Let s see if this self-emptying robot is as great as it sounds. When I opened the box, I found the Shark IQ robot, which already had the self-cleaning brush roll, wheels, and main components installed. To complete the robot s assembly, all I had to do was snap on the two front side brushes, which are single prong. I didn t use the mat since I set the unit up on a hard floor surface.

Lastly, there s an included mat in case I wanted to set up the IQ robot on a carpeted area. Erika Rawes Digital Trends. The setup process was very simple. I also found the self-emptying base, which serves as the charging dock as well. It took less than five minutes. After Iq option jogo charged the robot fully, which took six hours to go through its first full battery charge, I installed the Shark Clean app, and connected the device to Alexa for voice control.

Yes, it empties itself, and it s pretty sweet. I can hear the dirt being sucked out of the robot each time the robot interacts with the docking station. The emptying station is bagless too, so I don t have to worry about replacement bags or damage to the environment with plastic. The self-emptying bagless technology makes it so I can leave the vacuum alone for about a month, and when it s finally time to empty the dirt, I just lift up the bin and press a button to release the dust and debris into a trash can.

Much better mapping than previous Shark robots. Past Shark robot vacuums, like the ION R85, didn t exactly excel in mapping technology. The R85 has smart sensor navigation, which helps it avoid objects and get around the house, but it doesn t have visual mapping. The new Shark IQ Robot is way ahead of the ION R85 in this regard. It doesn t repeatedly travel over areas where it s already cleaned, and it creates a map of your home in the app, which allows you to select specific areas where you want the robot to clean.

You can tell the robot to clean only the master bedroom or the living room for instance, and it knows exactly where to go. This vacuum has amazing suction. Powerful Shark suction. The suction power is better than most upright units I ve encountered. It left my floors completely free of dust, debris, and dog hair. What really impressed me about the IQ robot, however, was its ability to grab up large debris.

We have a lot of trees on our property, so my family and I track in a lot of dried leaves. The robot picked up every last leaf, crumb, and food particle left on the floor from the day. The IQ Robot comes with 8 feet of magnetic strips I can use to block off areas where I absolutely don t want the robot to travel. I cut the magnetic strips into smaller pieces, and placed the strips in front of my dog s crate, around her food area, and in front of an area where there are a lot of cords and charging cables.

This way, I don t have to move anything before I vacuum or clean up beforehand, which defeats the purpose of automated cleaning. Scheduling, auto-charge, and more. I can set the IQ robot to clean on a schedule. Typically, robot vacuum scheduling features are not all that useful because the user has to empty the dustbin and prepare the cleaning area between cleanings. The IQ Robot s self-emptying capability combined with its ability to only clean certain areas makes it possible for me to set a schedule for 30 days and have a truly automated cleaning experience.

The robot has a 90-minute battery life on a single charge, but if the robot runs out of battery juice or the dust bin fills up during cleaning, it returns to the station for more battery power or to empty itself, and then it resumes cleaning. The robot talks too, letting me know if it s experiencing any issues.

If I can t find the robot, there s a find my robot feature in the app that will make the robot beep so I can locate the device if it gets stuck under a couch or in a closet. Also, because it s compatible with Alexa and Google Home, I can also use voice commands to control the IQ robot. This vacuum makes a lot of noise. The robot is a little loud. It s louder during operation than any other robot vacuum I ve used. It s also extremely loud when it s emptying the dirt from the robot into the self-emptying base.

When it s emptying, it kind of sounds like one of those vacuums at the car wash. It startled my dog the first few times, and now she looks at the robot every time it approaches the docking station waiting for it to make the loud noise. For me, the loudness of the unit wasn t too much of a problem, as I can just pause my Hulu show whenever the vacuum approaches.

But for those who have young children or any home situation where they require a robot vacuum that operates quietly, this could be an issue. There s a learning curve. Most robot vacuums take some time to learn your home. This unit had to vacuum my home for eight days 14 separate cleaning cycles before it created a full map of my house. For that first week before the map was ready, I couldn t set the robot to clean only specific rooms.

The robot also couldn t find the dock while it was still learning my home. It searched for about 45 seconds, and then the robot said out loud that it couldn t locate the dock and asked that I place it on the dock manually. It still functioned normally and emptied itself after I placed it on the dock, but I was a bit surprised that it couldn t find it on its own. After about five days, the robot began to locate the dock without issue.

Warranty info. The Shark IQ robot comes with a one-year limited warranty. Practical and powerful, the Shark IQ robot solves most of the problems customers have with robot vacuums. There are a few drawbacks the robot is loud, and it takes a week or so to learn the home and unlock all of the features but considering the IQ Robot is more affordable than other robots in its category, I am still pleased with the unit overall.

Are there any better alternatives. The main competition to the IQ Robot is the iRobot Roomba i7 Plus, which is an excellent piece of machinery with stellar mapping capabilities and exceptional cleaning performance. The two major differences between the IQ Robot and the i7 Plus are the price and the fact that the IQ robot is bagless. The i7 Plus will cost you around 1,000. You can buy the IQ Robot for 550, which is a slight savings over its normal retail price of 600. The i7 Plus is also self-emptying, but the emptying station contains disposable bags.

The customer has to replace the bag after the dustbin is emptied 30 times. Shark IQ Robot 101AE with Self-Emptying Base. More recently, we ve seen a few that leverage vision through the aid of artificial intelligence and cameras, to better navigate around objects and rooms. With visual mapping and smart home compatibility, this robot is technologically right where it should be. Features like self-emptying and the ability to select specific cleaning areas take it up a notch, bringing it slightly ahead of the curve.

There s no reason to believe the companion app Shark Clean would discontinue support for the IQ Robot anytime soon, nor should you have to worry about the quality of the robot. All of the parts and components feel sturdy and well-made. If you don t want to worry about vacuuming at all, this robot is a good investment. Robot vacuum scorecard Which is the most efficient cleaner.

The best robot vacuum deals for September Roomba, Eufy, Deebot, and Roborock Best Prime Day robot vacuum deals 2020 What to expect 4 robot vacuum deals you can t afford to miss this Labor Day Building a smart home. You need these essentials. Samsung s Jetbot robot vacuum mops floors, converts to a wall and window cleaner. The Roborock S6 MaxV is one of them, which can also mop as well for 750. 4 robot vacuum deals you can t afford to miss this Labor Day.

The best dryers for 2020. The best gardening apps for 2020. The best refrigerators for 2020. The best outdoor smart plugs for 2020. These rules were obtained from the text Designing the User Interface by Ben Shneiderman. Shneiderman s Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design. To improve the usability of an application it is important to have a well designed interface. Shneiderman s Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design are a guide to good interaction design.

1 Strive for consistency. Consistent sequences of actions should be required in similar situations; identical terminology should be used in prompts, menus, and help screens; and consistent commands should be employed throughout. 2 Enable frequent users to use shortcuts. As the frequency of use increases, so do the user s desires to reduce the number of interactions and to increase the pace of interaction.

4 Design dialog to yield closure. Sequences of actions should be organized into groups with a beginning, middle, and end. The informative feedback at the completion of a group of actions gives the operators the satisfaction of accomplishment, a sense of relief, the signal to drop contingency plans and options from their minds, and an indication that the way is clear to prepare for the next group of actions. As much as possible, design the system so the user cannot make a serious error.

If an error is made, the system should be able to detect the error and offer simple, comprehensible mechanisms for handling the error. 6 Permit easy reversal of actions. 5 Offer simple error handling. Shneiderman proposed this collection of principles that are derived heuristically from experience and applicable in most interactive systems after being properly refined, extended, and interpreted 9. This feature relieves anxiety, since the user knows that errors can be undone; it thus encourages exploration of unfamiliar options.

The units of reversibility may be a single action, a data entry, or a complete group of actions. 7 Support internal locus of control.

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18 19 Présidentielle en Côte d Ivoire nouvelles violences contre le 3e mandat de Ouattara. 17 53 Algérie. Exploitation du gaz de schiste le iq option jogo Chitour prend Tebboune à contre-pied.