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Authors first, second and last of 10. Inês Paciência João Cavaleiro Rufo André Moreira Content type Original Article Published 10 September 2020. COVID-19 and impact on peer review. COVID-19 research. Check out the research related to the Coronavirus pandemic. eJournal 150,25 Price includes VAT for France. Print eJournal 403,01 Price includes VAT for France excluding shipping costs.

Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature. European Parliament. Watch the plenary live. Stay updated on what Parliament is doing. Check out the latest news, watch our meetings live and follow MEPs on social media. Today in Parliament Latest news Videos and live streamings MEPs on social media. Members, bodies and activities. The European Parliament is made up of 705 Members, who are directly elected. President David Maria SASSOLI.

The President is elected for a renewable two and a half years, meaning half a Parliamentary term. 7 Political groups. MEPs sit in political groups. They are not organised by nationality, but by political affiliation. During plenary sessions MEPs vote on European laws and take position on issues through debates. MEPs participate in committees to prepare the work for Parliament s plenary sessions.

44 Delegations. Parliament s delegations maintain relations and exchange information with parliaments in non-EU countries. 27 Committees. The secretariat-general supports the work of MEPs and the parliamentary bodies. What is the European Parliament. The European Parliament is the EU s only directly-elected institution. Its 705 Members are there to represent you. Legislative tools. Discover the various ways to stay in touch with us.

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A fund s environmental, social and governance ESG investment strategy limits the types and number of investment opportunities available to the fund and, as a result, the fund may underperform other funds that do not have an ESG focus. A fund s ESG investment strategy may result in the fund investing in securities or industry sectors that underperform the market as a whole or underperform other funds screened for ESG standards. In addition, companies selected by the index provider may not exhibit positive or favorable ESG characteristics.

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2020 BlackRock, Inc. BLACKROCK, BLACKROCK SOLUTIONS, BUILD ON BLACKROCK, ALADDIN, iSHARES, iBONDS, FACTORSELECT, iTHINKING, iSHARES CONNECT, FUND FRENZY, LIFEPATH, SO WHAT DO I DO WITH MY MONEY, INVESTING FOR A NEW WORLD, BUILT FOR THESE TIMES, the iShares Core Graphic, CoRI and the CoRI logo are registered and unregistered trademarks of BlackRock, Inc.or its subsidiaries in the United States and elsewhere. Foundation Courses in the UK. If you are an international student finishing your high school exams, have completed less than 13 years of education and would like to take your first degree in the UK, you will need to study a foundation course at a UK university or college.

A foundation is a one-year preparation course for international students who need additional English language and academic preparation for entry onto a UK university undergraduate course. Foundation programmes are for school-leavers who have studied a non-British curriculum but wish to pursue a degree at a UK university. Foundation Course Types. The foundation course acts as a bridge between your current qualifications and UK university undergraduate entry requirements and is designed to plug academic gaps, improve your English and familiarise you with UK life and culture in preparation for university.

Foundation courses can prepare you for a variety of subjects such as business, finance and management, computing, law, art and design, engineering, social science, iq option é piramide, science and pharmacy, media and humanities. Certain foundation providers have partnerships with universities and can guarantee progression to that institution if the student achieves high enough grades.

What is a Foundation course. A minimum IELTS score of 4. Foundation Course Requirements. 5 is required for international students wishing to study a foundation, with no single element less than 4. If you have no formal English qualifications, you may need to attend an English language course or college prior to starting your foundation course. Documents and entry requirements needed are. Minimum IELTS score of 4. 5 or equivalent Higher Secondary School Certificate Higher Secondary transcripts Reference letter from your high school teacher Personal statement Scanned copy of passport and visa.

If you need to improve your English, IELTS preparation courses are available for all levels and abilities at our London Language Centre. Sign up for a free IELTS practice test and improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening. Where can I study a Foundation course. Bath Academy Bell Cambridge Bellerbys College University of Buckingham Brooke House College Cambridge Education Group Cambridge Seminars College Central College Nottingham Chelsea Independent College Coventry University David Game Iq option é piramide De Montfort University Edge Hill University INTO Kaplan International Pathways King s College London Kings Education London South Bank University London Metropolitan University Loughborough College ONCAMPUS Oxford Brookes University Queen Mary, University of London Sheffield Hallam University SOAS University of London St Clare s Oxford Study Group University of St Andrews University College London University of Westminster University Foundation Programme.

Many programmes will see the student based on campus, benefitting from full university status with complete access to libraries, equipment and sporting facilities. Study a Foundation Course in the UK. If you wish to learn more about studying a foundation course for entry to a UK university, arrange your free consultation in London or Manchester today. With all the emphasis on paint color and siding, a front door could easily get lost in the shuffle of exterior updates.

14 Eye-Catching Options for Your Front Door. But as the first and last part of your house a visitor sees, it s the perfect place to make a design statement. It s more than a decorative feature it s an important investment. Both the security and style your front door provides impact your home s worth. So, there are several practical matters to consider when selecting a new front door namely material, cost, and style.

Style-wise, your front door should fit in architecturally with the rest of your home, but don t let that hold you back and miss the opportunity to express your personality. A six-panel door is very traditional, while an arched door with stained glass has more whimsy and a single French door adds elegance not to mention a great source of natural light.

Replacing an old or dated looking front door is actually one of the most popular curb appeal ideas, making the choice of your a front door for a new home hugely important. Even a nontraditional steel door has gained popularity in modern architecture, boasting in strength and affordability; the metal, however, does conduct temperature, so it s always not the most efficient option in extreme climates. A solid wood front door will always endure as a classic, despite being a bit pricier and requiring a bit more TLC and repair as necessary due to its sensitivity to moisture and sun.

Fiberglass doors hold a middle ground as both affordable and durable not to mention available in many styles, including those that mimic wood. Finally, no matter the material underneath, color is key to evoking the exact emotions you want from guests who enter your home. Whether you re looking for the vibrancy of red or the cheeriness of yellow, let whatever color you choose be an expression of you.

Not sure where to get started. Click through these great front door ideas we ve scouted from around the web. Classic Red. This raised panel door, framed by glazed side lights, has classic charm and gobs of curb appeal. The white trim around the door frame adds contrast and visual pop. Zillow home in Whispering Pines, NC. Traditional Wood Raised Panel. This wood entry door looks fresh with a bright yellow paint job.

Wrought iron hardware contrasts nicely with the white trim work, and a collection of small windows lighten the look while giving the occupant a view of visitors. Contemporary Double Door with Glass Sidelites. This custom door revels in luxe style. The geometric glass design and black nish combine create a stunning contemporary effect. Zillow home in Snoqualmie, WA. Split doors are not just for stables anymore. And while they are not commonly used as entry doors, they can be an excellent choice.

They offer a bit of extra security, as you can open the top half to greet a visitor while the bottom half remains locked. They also handily keep small children and pets corralled while still allowing for ventilation with the top half open. Stained Glass. Stained glass allows light to filter through this entryway, while still providing privacy. Not to mention, residents can greet every visitor with a work of art before they even walk into the home. Fiberglass with Sidelites Transom.

It looks like wood, but it s not. This berglass door with decorative glass and sidelites looks as warm as solid wood but offers better durability and insulation value. Single Arched Door. Painted in bold black paint, this single, solid arched door is simply elegant and so inviting. Decorative Glass with Sidelites. Decorative glass sidelites echo and compliment the pattern in the window of this paneled door. Giving this entryway its distinctive look is a classic design of gray and clear water glass set off with clear bevels.

Decorative Iron. Decorative wrought iron overlays frosted glass for this beautiful arched entryway. Iron provides a unique look as well as added security. Double Arched Mahogany. These arched-top, mahogany iq option é piramide are just as earthy and appealing as the frosted embellishments gracing the glass panes. The doors are the perfect complement to the stonework of the facade and bricked porch ceiling. Zillow home in Las Vegas, NV. The front entry door of this unconventionally colored home is covered with a vintage screen door that complements the home s quirky aesthetic, and showcases the owners personal taste.

Zillow home in Saint Augustine, FL. Vertical stripes of raised wood adorn this front door for a unique look that sets it apart from the rest of the houses on the street. A colorful paint job sends a welcoming message to guests. Carved wood. Custom carved wood doors bespeaks luxury and elegance and gives visitors a hint of the stylish interior. Heavy wrought iron hardware completes the look. Entry to this thoroughly modern, light-filled home is gained by passing through this stunning pivot door.

Wide strips of glass allow sunlight to pour through, keeping the door consistent with the rest of the home s airy aesthetic. Amp up your curb appeal with a new door style. Decorative Doors. Money-saving, time-saving and yes, sometimes even life-saving the latest and greatest smart home technologies span from self-programming thermostats to voice-activated TV controls to video doorbells and beyond. Raise your home s IQ. Disclosure BobVila. About Bob Newsletters Contact Advertising Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Copyright 2020 Acton Media Inc. com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Challenge Wins Total Points 2520 users online 12 19 AM CST. Piece of Cake Easy Trivia - 11 mins Now Music Who s Smartest. - 41 mins Now Literature.

Word Wizard - 41 mins English language game Fill Me In - 3 hrs, 56 mins Fill in the blank fun Fifty-Fifty - 19 mins Now Difficult. Mixed Trivia - 26 mins Something for everyone. September 15, 2020 Today is both Felt Hat Day and Make a Hat Day - seems as if hats are de rigueur. I ve noticed that players tend to rate most highly quizzes they do well in. by Islingtonian. So, in a shameless grab at ratings, I present the World s Easies.

The main purpose of this quiz is for me to have a quiz played 10,000 times. These questions are easy and a little stupid. Match the lead singer on the left with their group on the right. Match the missing word to the song title that debuted in the ARIA Top 50 in the weeks of June 13th and 20th 2004. Calling all Baby Boomers.

The people mentioned in each question are famous. Three of them are tied by a common thread and one is the odd man woman out. Try to guess w. I have taken up the Author Challenge by Lpez who suggested the title Just Let It All Out. Each question feature a phrase or word. by Billkozy. Challenge Wins Total Points 2520 users online 12 20 AM CST. Piece of Cake Easy Trivia - 10 mins Now Music Who s Smartest.

Mixed Trivia - 25 mins Something for everyone. - 40 mins Now Literature. Word Wizard - 40 mins English language game Fill Me In - 3 hrs, 55 mins Fill in the blank fun Fifty-Fifty - 20 mins Now Difficult. Which part of his body did musician Gene Simmons insure for one million dollars. What facially do Fred Flintstone and Betty Rubble have that Wilma and Barney don t.

The Funny Quiz Questions Page. Which game, demonstrated on televison in 1966, did competitors accuse of being sex in a box. Who has the lowest IQ - a moron, imbecile, or idiot. Which sex symbol first appeared in the 6 minutes long 1930 film Dizzy Dishes. Which word, originally meaning dried dung hanging from the wool on a sheep s rear end, is commonly used in colloquial Australian English to refer to an eccentric person with poor social skills.

What colour is most toilet paper in France. If you re discombobulated, what are you. Which four letter word ending in k means to have intercourse. Which humorous engineering unit is defined as a third of horsepower, or 250 watts. Complete this Billy Connolly quote My definition of an intellectual is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of. An orchidometer is a medical instrument used to measure which part of the male body.

Hint it s also used with rams. His tongue White around their eyes or eyeballs Twister Idiot according to early 20th century psychology definitions moron IQ range 51 to 70, imbecile 26 to 50, and idiot 0 to 25 Betty Boop Reading Dag Pink Confused Talk Donkey power The Lone Ranger Testicles the volume of testicles - it consists of a string of twelve numbered plastic beads. Fun Quiz Questions II. Moon her name was Marion Moon Intelligence A moth species occurring in Southern California and Northern Mexico Lighter centrifugal force due to the spinning of the Earth is at its maximum at the equator hence making gravity less Elbow Grease A beard tax Mooning all showed their buttocks Tom The Day Watch Ham and Sandwich.

Venus France Rod Stewart As a mouthwash Portuguese urine was considered to be the strongest and purist Monday the anagram is dynamo False Nobody knows where it originated. Wartime censors suppressed news of the flu to avoid affecting morale but since Spain was neutral during World War I the Spanish media was free to report on it in gory detail. Hence, the sickness first made headlines in Spain. Japan Las Vegas Spain Stonehenge he gave it to the nation three years later.

Fun Quiz Questions. Futures Market Overview. Watch daily futures educational videos identifying trading opportunities with actionable entry and exit points based on chart patterns. Futures education provides common sense trading ideas from a veteran trader and market educator. Learn more at futureseducation. FTSE ended cycle from 8 12 high. The bounce has reached blue box area where sellers can appear for more downside or 3 waves pullback at least.

Sept corn expired at 3. Afternoon corn trading left futures fractionally to a penny higher after midday losses. 57 1 2 per bushel. NOAA s 5-day QPF shows dryness across major Midwest crop areas, save. Monday trading action gave back some of the triple digit gains from late last week. Losses in the front months were 0. China has, as expected, suspended pork imports from Germany, their third. Cotton futures trading left the front months 140 to 181 points higher. The dollar is a little weaker, while stock market futures were higher.

Cotton progress from the weekly report had 47 of bolls open. Today s Price Surprises. 1-Month Performance Leaders. Trading Simulator. Futures Market Map. CME Group Commentary. More CME Group News. Futures Long Term Trends. Major European Futures. The Futures Market Overview page provides a quick overview of today s Futures and Commodities markets.

It highlights the most recent quotes for today s trending markets, including today s top Price Surprises the most volatile futures, ranked by standard deviation compared to their past 20 of data and top 1-Month Performance Leaders. Provides a snapshot of the eight major commodities with a link to view the full list. Futures Commentary. Get commentary on the Futures and Commodities markets from industry experts and trusted Barchart partners. Futures Trading Signals. Provides links to futures contracts that are at a 100 Buy or a 100 Sell Opinion.

Futures Price Surprises. Highlights Futures Contracts that have unusually large price movement relative to their usual pattern, meaning ETFs that are seeing breakouts or abnormally large bull or bear moves. There may be trading opportunities in these large-movement ETFs. Futures Heat Map. The Futures Market Heat Map provide a quick visual view of the markets and how they are performing on the day, as well as how they are performing versus other sectors.

Highlights futures contracts with the highest weighted alpha strength of trend over the past 1-year. Lists the lead contracts of the major European Futures Markets. See how we can help you. THE WORLD S LEADING AND MOST DIVERSE DERIVATIVES MARKETPLACE. Explore products across six major asset classes to find opportunities, diversify your portfolio and capture efficiencies with leading-edge technology as a core part of your strategy.

Respond instantly to global, market-moving events with trading access nearly 24 hours a day, six days a week. Average Daily Notional Value, August 2020 USD. AGRICULTURE 39. 1 billion ENERGY 70. 5 billion EQUITY INDEX 494. 4 billion FX 70. 7 billion INTEREST RATES. Notional shown for illustrative purposes only, computed based on the value of an equivalent money market instrument with the same dollar-value-of-basis-point DV01. 0 trillion METALS 130. 3 billion BROKERTEC 599. 2 billion EBS 61.

2 billion OTC CLEARING. Volume in representative notional equivalents. Volume includes activity related to multilateral compression cycles. Approximate measure of the underlying value of derivatives. Manage business risks in a capital-efficient, cleared marketplace, whether hedging commodity exposure or adjusting a bond portfolio s duration. Identify and minimize your business risks.

Our clearinghouse reduces your risk of counterparty default to nearly zero and, with around-the-clock market access, you can act on market-moving events as they happen. EXPLORE RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS. Farmers can sell what they want. Consumers can buy when they need it. We buy grain, we now have a risk. We can do that, because of the ability to hedge that position with CME.

Executive at a leading agribusiness company EMEA. Find new insights with our exchange-specific data. Uncover the right opportunity at the right time with the combined power of data and analysis that only CME Group provides. Gain the market insights you need to refine your trading strategies and efficiently manage your exposure across all major asset classes and global benchmarks.

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1 billionas new clients have started using the solution and existing users have been shifting more of their clearing activity to CME. Take advantage of premium content, tools, and insights. Jack Callahan, Executive Director, Financial Products. Register and access premium tools that help you evaluate your customized portfolio, or discover capital efficienies with our suite of services. Explore courses on trading strategies and stay informed with alerts, daily reports and research.

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GARMIN Sat Nav. Garmin Sat Navs are among the best known satellite navigation systems on the market. Whether they re on the road for business or pleasure, drivers love this Sat Nav brand for its ease of use, simple and clear interface, and wide range of useful features. Using Global Position Satellites GPSa Garmin Sat Nav helps you find the way from A iq option é piramide B easily, without the need for a map on your lap. Interactive touch screens, ranging from 4. 3 to 6make navigation clear, safe and simple.

You can opt for basic models that come with UK ROI maps, right up to models that include full European maps. With every Garmin Sat Nav you ll get free lifetime map updates, so your maps are always current too. Garmin Sat Navs go beyond basic navigation with features like lane guidance to assist you into the right lane at junctions, live traffic updates to help you steer clear of traffic build-up, bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls, and expandable memory so you can add more maps later if you re going to be driving overseas.

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From changing the default order size to customizing the colors of the charts the MT4 iq option é piramide offers traders complete control to make the trading platform as customized as one would prefer.

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