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Explanation Communication error unable to receive data. Outdoor LED Display Error and Check Method 12K 18K 24K -Samsung Split System Air Conditioning Outdoor LED Light Errors. Display E1 01. Main checking Point Remark Communication cable connection. Display E1 02. Explanation Communication error outdoor cannot communicate. Main checking Point Remark Another indoor unit or indoor PCB. Display E1 21.

Explanation Indoor unit room temperature sensor error Open Short. Main checking Point Remark Room temperature sensor, indoor PCB. Display E1 22. Explanation Indoor unit heat exchanger in temperature sensor error Open Short. Display E1 23. Main checking Point Remark Heat exchanger out sensor, indoor PCB. Explanation Indoor unit heat exchanger out temperature sensor error Open Short.

Display E1 28. Explanation Indoor unit heat exchanger in temperature sensor detached. Main checking Point Remark Heat exchanger in sensor. Display E1 029. Explanation Indoor unit heat exchanger out temperature sensor detached. Display E1 30. Main checking Point Remark Heat exchanger out sensor. Explanation Indoor unit heat exchanger in out temperature sensor detached. Main checking Point Remark Heat exchanger in out sensor. Display E1 54. Explanation Indoor unit fan motor malfunction.

Main checking Point Remark Fan motor and cable. Display E1 61. Explanation More than 2 indoor units cool and heat simultaneously. Main checking Point Remark Another indoor unit operation mode. Display E1 62. Explanation EEPROM error. Main checking Point Remark Indoor PCB. Display E1 63. Explanation Option code setting error. Main checking Point Remark Option code. Display E1 85. Explanation Cable miss-wiring. Main checking Point Remark Cable connection Indoor Outdoor unit.

Display E2 01. Explanation The number of indoor unit mismatched. Main checking Point Remark Heat exchanger in sensor, indoor PCB. Main checking Point Remark Cable connection another indoor unit outdoor unitSW01 outdoor. Display E2 51. Explanation Compressor discharge sensor error Short Open. Main checking Point Remark Outdoor unit. Display E5 59. Explanation Outdoor unit error. Main checking Point Remark Outdoor unit Error code.

The error indicated on the LED display of Indoor unit. Outdoor Unit Error mode and check method. Explanation Communication error indoor unable to receive data. Main checking Point Communication cable connection. Explanation Communication error outdoor unable to communicate. Main checking Point Indoor unit. Display E1 29. Explanation Indoor unit sensor error Evaporator pipe out sensor detached.

Explanation Indoor unit sensor error Evaporator pipe in sensor detached. Main checking Point Indoor unit operation mode. Main checking Point Communication wiring. Display E2 02. Explanation Communication error outdoor unable to receive data. Display E2 03. Explanation Communication error between 2 microcontroller on the outdoor PCB. Main checking Point Outdoor unit PCB.

Display E2 37. Explanation Condenser temperature sensor error Short Open. Main checking Point Temperature sensor. Explanation Condenser temperature sensor detached. Display E2 60. Display E2 46. Explanation Compressor discharge sensor detached. Display E3 20. Explanation Compressor OLP sensor error Short Open. Explanation Indoor unit heat exchanger freezing and compressor stop cooling mode.

Display E2 61. Main checking Point Check pipe matching also indoor-outdoor. Display E4 01. Explanation Outdoor unit overload and compressor stop protection control in heating mode. Display E4 16. Explanation Outdoor unit high discharge temperature and compressor stop. Main checking Point Check pipe matching indoor-outdoor. Display E4 19. Explanation Outdoor unit EEV open error self diagnosis. Main checking Point EEV. Display E4 22. Explanation Outdoor unit EEV close error self diagnosis.

Display E4 40. Explanation High temperature over 30 C of outdoor as heating mode. Main checking Point Operation mode. Display E4 41. Explanation Low temperature under -5 C of indoor as cooling mode. Display E4 60. Explanation Wrong connection between communication and power cable. Main checking Point Wiring indoor and outdoor.

Display E4 61. Explanation Inverter Compressor starting failure 5 times. Main checking Point Service valve, EEV, Compressor terminal, Compressor wire, Outdoor controller. Display E4 62. Explanation Compressor trip by input current limit control. Main checking Point EEV, Gas over charge, Outdoor controller. Display E4 63. Explanation Compressor trip by OLP temperature limit control.

Main checking Point Outdoor fan, Compressor, Outdoor controller. Display E4 64. Explanation Compressor peak current protection. Display E4 03. Main checking Point Outdoor fan, Compressor, Compressor wire, Outdoor controller. Display E4 65. Explanation Compressor overload protection by current. Main checking Point Outdoor fan, EEV, Service valve, Outdoor controller. Display E4 66.

Main checking Point Power voltage, Outdoor controller. Display E4 67. Explanation DC-link voltage error under 150V or over 410V. Explanation Compressor rotation error. Main checking Point Compressor terminal, Compressor wire, Outdoor controller. Display E4 68. Explanation Current sensor error. Main checking Point Outdoor controller. Sinais opções binárias iq option E4 69.

Explanation DC-link voltage sensor error. Display E4 70. Explanation Compressor overload protection. Display E4 71. Display E4 72. Explanation AC line zero-crossing detection circuit error. Main checking Point Outdoor controller, Terminal Block. Display E5 54. Explanation NO GAS error self diagnosis. Main checking Point Piping gas leak. Samsung Wireless Remote Control Buttons and Display. Samsung VRF DVM S System AC Error Codes. Error code related indoor unit. Indoor unit can not receive any data from outdoor unit.

E-102 Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor unit. E-108 Error due to repeated address setting E-121 Error on indoor temperature sensor of indoor unit E-122 Error on EVA IN sensor of indoor unit E-123 Error on EVA OUT sensor of indoor unit E-128 EVA IN temperature sensor of indoor unit is detached from EVA IN pipe E-129 EVA OUT temperature sensor of indoor unit is detached from EVA OUT pipe E-130 Heat exchanger in out sensors of indoor unit are detached E-135 RPM feedback error of indoor unit s cleaning fan E-149 Error due to AHU master indoor unit sensor setting.

E-151 Error due to opened EEV of indoor unit 2nd detection E-152 Error due to closed EEV of indoor unit 2nd detection E-153 Error on floating switch of indoor unit 2nd detection E-154 RPM feedback error of indoor unit E-161 Mixed operation mode error of indoor unit; When outdoor unit is getting ready to operate in cooling E-162 EEPROM error of MICOM E-163 Indoor unit s remote controller option input is Incorrect or missing.

E-180 Simultaneous opening of cooling heating MCU SOL V V 1st detection E-181 Simultaneous opening of cooling heating MCU SOL V V 2nd detection E-185 Cross wiring error between communication and power cable of indoor unit E-186 Connection error or problem on SPi E-190 No temperature changes in EVA IN during pipe inspection or changes in temperature is seen in indoor unit with wrong address E-191 No temperature changes in EVA OUT during pipe inspection or changes in temperature is seen in indoor unit with wrong address E-198 Error due to disconnected thermal fuse of indoor unit.

Error code related to the Communications Settings HW cont. E-201 Communication error between indoor and outdoor units E-202 Communication error between indoor and outdoor units E-203 Communication error between main and sub outdoor units E-205 Communication error on all PBA within the outdoor unit C-Box, communication cable error E-211 When single indoor unit uses 2 MCU ports that are not in series. E-212 If the rotary switch on the MCU for address setting of the indoor unit has 3 or more of the same address E-213 When total number of indoor units assigned to MCU is same as actual number of installed indoor units but there is indoor unit that is not installed even though it is assigned on MCU E-214 When number of MCU is not set correctly on the outdoor unit or when two or more MCU was installed some of them have the same address E-215 When two different MCU s have same address value on the rotary switch E-216 When indoor unit is not installed to a MCU port but the switch on the port is set to On.

E-503 Error due to alert the user to check if the service valve is closed E-504 Error due to self diagnosis of compressor operation E-505 Error due to self diagnosis of high pressure sensor E-506 Error due to self diagnosis of low pressure sensor E-560 Outdoor unit s option switch setting error when iinappropriate option switch is on E-563 Error due to module installation of indoor unit with old version Micom version needs to be checked E-573 Error due to using single type outdoor unit in a module installation E-601 Communication error between remote controller and the DVM Hydro unit Hydro unit HT E-602 Communication error between master and slave remote controller E-604 Tracking error between remote controller and the DVM Hydro unit Hydro unit HT E-618 Error due to exceeding maximum numbers of Hydro unit installation 16 units E-627 Error due to exceeding maximum numbers of wired remote controller installation 2 units E-628 DMS Transmitter Communication Error E-629 DMS DDC Communication Error E-630 ERV wire remote controller normal ventilation option set error E-631 ERVWire Remote controller auto ventilation option set error E-632 Error when input the pulse except set the value of Pulse Width by PIM E-633 Error caused by installing mixed models E-652 Two wired remote controllers have been set to Master mode COM1 wiring E-653 Remote controller s temperature sensor is disconnected or has problem E-655 DMS-SNET3 Error E-656 DMS-SNET3 Error E-654 Data error on remote controller Memory read write error E-701 Floating switch error on the indoor unit 1st detection E-702 Error due to closed EEV of indoor unit 1st detection E-703 Error due to opened EEV of indoor unit 1st detection E-901 Error on the sensor of water inlet pipe Short or Open E-902 Error on the sensor of water outlet pipe Short or Open E-904 Error on water tank Short or open E-907 Error due to pipe rupture protection E-908 Error due to freeze prevention Re-operation is possible E-909 Error due to freeze prevention Re-operation is impossible E-910 Water temperature sensor on water outlet pipe is detached E-911 Flow switch off error, When the switch is turned off within 10 seconds after a pump starts its operation Re-operation is possible E-913 Six times detection for Flow Switch Error Re-operation is not possible E-914 Error due to incorrect thermostat connection E-915 Error on DC fan Non-operating E-917 Water Tank Sensor Configutation Error UP Trial operation incompleted UnPrepared It will be cleared when trial operation was executed for 1 hour or when automatic inspection is completed.

Samsung AC Troubleshooting. Trouble The operation is not done. Cause and reason. Is the power off or the power unplugged. Does it stop because it is the completion time. Unplug and plug again the power source for 2 minutes. Trouble The wind comes out but the heating cooling is not performed. Is the filter clogged with dust or dirty. Is there any direct light on the outdoor unit or any obstacle against it.

Is the selected temperature too high. Lower the selected temperature lower than the current one during cooling. Is the selected temperature too low. Raise the desired temperature than the current one. during heating Is the Fan only Mode operation. Trouble The remote control does not operate. Is the battery run out. Is the battery inserted in the wrong way. Is the detection part of the indoor unit blocked.

Does it interfered with the radio of neon sign. Trouble The wind volume is not adjusted. E-101 Indoor unit communication error. Is the operation selected among one of Auto Dry Turbo Sleeping. The temperature setting is not required since the wind volume set automatically. Check again at the state of Cooling Fan only Heating. Trouble The temperature is not set. Is the operation selected among the Dry Turbo Sleeping Fan only Mode.

Since the temperature is automatically set, the temperature setting is not required. Check again at the cooling heating state. The standard temperature 2 C during the automatic operation. Trouble The operation lamp continues to be flickering. Unplug and plug the power source. Trouble The immediate operation starts without control of remote control when plugged. Cause and reason It is the case that the auto restart function works. Auto restart function is the convenient function where the operation state is memorized in the Memory IC during the blackout and the operation restarts when the power comes back.

Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights. Push the Operation Stop button. Error mode display of indoor unit Operation-Timer-Turbo Lamp Description Lamp off -Lamp flickering-Lamp off Indoor unit room temperature sensor error open short Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering-Lamp off Indoor unit heat exchanger temperature sensor error open short Lamp off -Lamp off -Lamp flickering Indoor fan motor malfunction Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering EEPROM error Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering Option error Lamp off -Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering Abnormal communication error Indoor - Outdoor unit Lamp flickering-Lamp off -Lamp flickering Outdoor unit temperature sensor error; Outdoor temp.

-sensor, Deice temp. -sensor, OLP temp. -sensor, Discharge temp. -sensor, Heatsink temp. -sensor Error mode display of outdoor unit board Yellow-Green-Red Description Lamp off-Lamp off-Lamp off Power Off VDD NG Lamp off-Lamp off-Lamp flickering Comp. Peak Current O. Lamp off-Lamp off-Lamp on Communication NG Lamp off-Lamp flickering-Lamp off Comp. Starting error Lamp off-Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering Heatsink sensor error Lamp off-Lamp flickering-Lamp on Normal Operation Lamp off-Lamp on-Lamp flickering DC-Iink overvoltage error Lamp off-Lamp on-Lamp on 4-Way valve error Lamp flickering-Lamp off-Lamp off Heatsink Temp.

trip Lamp flickering-Lamp off-Lamp flickering Outdoor Sensor error Open Short Lamp flickering-Lamp off-Lamp on Discharge sensor temp. trip Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering-Lamp off Discharge sensor error Open Short Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering OLP sensor error Open Short Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering-Lamp on CT sensor error Lamp flickering-Lamp on-Lamp off Unit Over Current protection Lamp flickering-Lamp on-Lamp flickering Deice sensor error Open Short Lamp flickering-Lamp on-Lamp on OLP sensor temp.

trip Lamp on-Lamp off-Lamp flickering OPTION error EEPROM Lamp on-Lamp off-Lamp on Compressor rotation error Lamp on-Lamp flickering-Lamp off DC fan error SH12BWHX only Lamp on-Lamp flickering-Lamp flickering DC-Link voltage sensor error Lamp on-Lamp flickering-Lamp on PFC OC error Lamp on-Lamp on-Lamp off NO GAS error Lamp on-Lamp on-Lamp flickering AC Line zero-crossing error.

PLEASE SEND ME ANY COMMENT, SUGGESTION OR CORRECTION YOU MAY HAVE. Samsung Wind Free Air Conditioner Fast Cooling Test. Samsung DVM-S VRF Error Codes. i have a samsung inverter a c model adv18uganwhen i suitch on from main, i have red light on ,after about a minute i have red lighton,green light on and yellow light blinking. any ideas what i have to check. -Current sensor error.

-Heatsink sensor error. -Input sensor error. i also have error code e485 input current sensor error. im a retired hvac tech but have very little exp on mini splits. from what i have read says check power i did that its ok. then said replace pcb which i have on order. could anything else cause it as i dont have tools anymore and samsung tech wont talk to me. i had to order the board through a samsung service company here.

could condenser fan motor cause that error. i found a code for bad motor online e458 but i dont get that just e485. I have a error code E500 contact failure on IPM of inverter PBA1 how do I repair. Sumsung cassette inverter error AD by the outdoor unit what does that mean. what is E654 of course its not on list. E-654 Data error on remote controller Memory read write error. My latest error code was E2 o3 or 03 which being the 3rd summer without it working clearly means its a piece of Crap.

and Samsung make the worst air conditioners on the market. and fortunately for lots of potential purchasers I have convinced them to choose anything rather than Samsung. further, the repair man has been to my aircon so many times in an attempt to fix it his comment on the last call was I feel like part of the family on the last 2 occasion he found Samsung cant even send the right parts to fix it. and the list goes on and on and on they even promised to replace it but that never eventuated.

its e203 communication error lose or bad wire between indoor and outdoor unit. I have error code E320 can you please help. I have code E559 and my indoor unit. Called the person who installed it and he tells me he will come and look at. That has been 3 months ago. I keep call and he tells me next week. That next week never comes. Everyone I talk to does not install this brand. December 1, 2017 Reply. October 25, 2017 Reply. Error code e3 what tha problem. My aircon display lights starts blinking and out comes warm air.

Hi did you ever find out how to correct the E-201 error I have the same problem i have it wired correctly as per diagram. How do I fix an error E654 on my Samsung split AC. February 25, 2017 Reply. Hi Julie, I have the same error code. Were you able to get this resolved. February 25, 2019 Reply. How to repair error code E154. February 14, 2017 Reply. What its means and what should I do. I have a problem in Samsung inverter split a. indoor unit show error E109.

Need information on the error code of Samsung cassette air conditioner and the solutions of repairs. January 28, 2017 Reply. January 24, 2017 Reply. Very nice and helpful. December 29, 2016 Reply. Samsung error code E-201. I have an ac dvm system outdoor supply five indoors four are working well but is showing error code e153 have tried to replace float switch but sometimes it can work for a week then it s bring again the error.

What could be the problem with a system please help. Please tell me about 10ch error in Samsung 1. Displayed in indoor unit. Scripting Language Specific details about syntax how to write scripts. Concepts and Conventions General explanation of various concepts utilised by AutoHotkey. Using the Program How to use AutoHotkey, in general. Introduction The Top of the Script the Auto-execute Section This portion executes automatically when the script starts.

Splitting a Long Line into a Series of Shorter Ones This can improve a script s readability and maintainability. ahk script into a. Convert a Script to an EXE Ahk2Exe Convert a. Passing Command Line Parameters to a Script The variables 12etc. exe file that can run on any PC. contain the incoming parameters. Script File Codepage Using non-ASCII characters safely in scripts.

Each script is a plain text file containing lines to be executed by the program AutoHotkey. Debugging a Script How to find the flaws in a misbehaving script. A script may also contain hotkeys and hotstrings, or even consist entirely of them. However, in the absence of hotkeys and hotstrings, a script will perform its commands sequentially from top to bottom the moment it is launched. The program loads the script into memory line by line, and each line may be up to 16,383 characters long.

During loading, the script is optimized and validated. After the script has been loaded, it begins executing at the top line, continuing until a Return, Exit, hotkey hotstring label, or the physical end of the script is encountered whichever comes first. The Top of the Script the Auto-execute Section. Any syntax errors will be displayed, and they must be corrected before the script can run. This top portion of the script is referred to as the auto-execute section. Note While the script s first hotkey hotstring label has the same effect as return, other hotkeys and labels do not.

A script that is not persistent and that lacks hotkeys, hotstrings, OnMessageand GUI will terminate after the auto-execute section has completed. Otherwise, it will stay running in an idle state, responding to events such as hotkeys, hotstrings, GUI events, custom menu items, and timers. If the auto-execute section takes a long time to complete or never completesthe default values for the above settings will be put into effect after 100 milliseconds. When the auto-execute section finally completes if everthe defaults are updated again to be those that were in effect at the end of the auto-execute section.

Thus, it s usually best to make any desired changes to the defaults at the top of scripts that contain hotkeys, hotstrings, timers, or custom menu items. Also note that each thread retains its own collection of the above settings. Changes made to those settings will not affect other threads. Splitting a Long Line into a Series of Shorter Ones. Long lines can be divided up into a collection of smaller ones to improve readability and maintainability.

This does not reduce the script s execution speed because such lines are merged in memory the moment the script launches. Method 1 A line that starts with andor,a comma, or a period is automatically merged with the line directly above it in v1. In the following example, the second line is appended to the first because it begins with a comma. 46the same is true for all other expression operators except and -. Similarly, the following lines would get merged into a single line because the last two start with and or or.

The ternary operator is also a good candidate. Although the indentation used in the examples above is optional, it might improve clarity by indicating which lines belong to ones above them. Also, it is not necessary to include extra spaces for lines starting with the words AND and OR ; the program does this automatically. Finally, blank lines or comments may be added between or at the end of any of the lines in the above examples.

Although this method is especially useful for auto-replace hotstrings, it can also be used with any command or expression. Method 2 This method should be used to merge a large number of lines or when the lines are not suitable for Method 1. In the examples above, a series of lines is bounded at the top and bottom by a pair of parentheses. This is known as a continuation section.

Notice that the bottom line contains FileAppend s last parameter after the closing parenthesis. This practice is optional; it is done in cases like this so that the comma will be seen as a parameter-delimiter rather than a literal comma. The default behavior of a continuation section can be overridden by including one or more of the following options to the right of the section s opening parenthesis. If more than one option is present, separate each one from the previous with a space.

For example LTrim Join. Join Specifies how lines should be connected together. If this option is omitted, each line except the last will be followed by a linefeed character n. If the word Join is specified by itself, lines are connected directly to each other without any characters in between. Otherwise, the word Join should be followed immediately by as many as 15 characters. Similarly, Join inserts a pipe between lines.

Another example is Join r nwhich inserts CR LF between lines. For example, Join s would insert a space after each line except the last s indicates a literal space -- it is a special escape sequence recognized only by Join. To have the final line in the section also ended by a join-string, include a blank line immediately above the section s closing parenthesis.

LTrim Omits spaces and tabs at the beginning of each line. Known limitation If the Join string ends with a colon, it must not be the last option on the line. This is primarily used to allow the continuation section to be indented. Also, this option may be turned on for multiple continuation sections by specifying LTrim on a line by itself. The setting may be turned off via LTrim Off. LTrim is positional it affects all continuation sections physically beneath it.

RTrim0 RTrim followed by a zero Turns off the omission of spaces and tabs from the end of each line. Comments or Comment or Com or C v1. 03 Allows semicolon comments inside the continuation section but not. Such comments along with any spaces and tabs to their left are entirely omitted from the joined result rather than being treated as literal text. Each comment can appear to the right of a line or on a new line by itself.

percent sign Treats percent signs as literal rather than as variable references. This avoids the need to escape each percent sign to make it literal. This option is not needed in places where percent signs are already literal, such as auto-replace hotstrings.comma Treats commas as delimiters rather than as literal commas. This rarely-used option is necessary only for the commas between command parameters because in function calls, the type of comma does not matter.

For example, Join is treated as the label Join and LTrim Join is unsupported, but Join C is okay. Also, this option transforms only those commas that actually delimit parameters. In other words, once the command s final parameter is reached or there are no parameterssubsequent commas are treated as literal commas regardless of this option.

accent Treats each backtick character literally rather than as an escape character. This also prevents commas and percent signs from being explicitly and individually escaped. In addition, it prevents the translation of any explicitly specified escape sequences such as r and t. 01 If a closing parenthesis appears in the continuation section s options except as a parameter of the Join optionthe line is reinterpreted as an expression instead of the beginning of a continuation section.

This allows expressions like x. y z to work without the need to escape the opening parenthesis. When the comment option is absent, semicolon and. However, comments can be included on the bottom and top lines of the section. comments are not supported within the interior of a continuation section because they are seen as literal text. As a consequence of the above, semicolons never need to be escaped within a continuation section.

A continuation section cannot produce a line whose total length is greater than 16,383 characters if it tries, the program will alert you the moment the script is launched. One way to work around this is to do a series of concatenations into a variable. Since a closing parenthesis indicates the end of a continuation section, to have a line start with literal closing parenthesis, precede it with an accent backtick.

A continuation section can be immediately followed by a line containing the open-parenthesis of another continuation section. This allows the options mentioned above to be varied during the course of building a single line. The piecemeal construction of a continuation section by means of Include is not supported. Convert a Script to an EXE Ahk2Exe. A script compiler courtesy of fincs, with additions by TAC109 is included with the program.

Once a script is compiled, it becomes a standalone executable; that is, AutoHotkey. exe is not required in order to run the script. The compilation process creates an executable file which contains the following the AutoHotkey interpreter, the script, any files it includes, and any files it has incorporated via the FileInstall command. 33 Additional files can be included using Compiler Directives.

Ahk2Exe can be used in the following ways. GUI Interface Run the Convert. exe item in the Start Menu. Right-click Within an open Explorer window, you can right-click any. This creates an EXE file of the same base filename as the script, which appears after a short time in the same directory. ahk file and select Compile Script only available if the script compiler option was chosen when AutoHotkey was installed. Note The EXE file is produced using the same custom icon. bin file and compression setting that were last used by Method 1 above.

Command Line The compiler can be run from the command line by using the parameters shown below. If any command line parameters are used, the script is compiled immediately unless gui is used. Parameter pair Meaning in script_name The path and name of the script to compile. This is mandatory if any other parameters are used, unless gui is used.

out exe_name The path name of the output. exe to be created. Default is the directory base_name of the input file plus extension of. icon icon_name The icon file to be used. Default is the last icon used in the GUI interface. Escape sequences such as n linefeed and t tab are supported inside the continuation section except when the accent option has been specified.

bin file_name The. bin file to be used. Default is the last. bin file name used in the GUI interface. cp codepage v1. 01 Overrides the default codepage used to read script files. Note that Unicode scripts should begin with a byte-order-mark BOMrendering the use of this parameter unnecessary. For a list of possible values, see Code Page Identifiers.

compress n v1. 33 Compress the exe. 0 no, 1 use MPRESS if present, 2 use UPX if present. ahk file_name v1. 33 The path name of AutoHotkey. exe to be used when compiling the script. Default is the last setting used in the GUI interface. Default is AutoHotkey. exe in the directory immediately above that containing the compiler. If not there, the installed Autohotkey.

exe is used if present. 01 Otherwise AutoHotkeyU32. exe in the directory immediately above that containing the compiler is used. 33 Show the GUI instead of immediately compiling. The other parameters can be used to override the settings last used in the GUI. in is optional in this case. Deprecated mpress 0or1 Compress the exe with MPRESS. Parameters containing spaces must be enclosed in double quotes.

Compiling does not typically improve the performance of a script. 01, password protection and the NoDecompile switch are not supported. The commands NoTrayIcon and Menu, Tray, MainWindow affect the behavior of compiled scripts. Otherwise, it is blank. 43 When parameters are passed to Ahk2Exe, a message indicating the success or failure of the compiling process is written to stdout. Although the message will not appear at the command prompt, it can be caught by means such as redirecting output to a file.

03 Additionally in the case of a failure, Ahk2Exe has exit codes indicating the kind of error that occurred. These error codes can be found at GitHub ErrorCodes. The compiler s source code and newer versions can be found at GitHub. The built-in variable A_IsCompiled contains 1 if the script is running in compiled form. Script Compiler Directives. 33 Script compiler directives allow the user to specify details of how a script is to be compiled.

Some of the features are. Ability to add resources to the compiled script. Ability to tweak several miscellaneous aspects of compilation. Ability to change the version information such as the name, description, version. Compressing Compiled Scripts. Ahk2Exe optionally uses MPRESS or v1. Ability to remove code sections from the compiled script and vice versa. 33 UPX freeware to compress compiled scripts. exe and or UPX. exe has been copied to the Compiler subfolder where AutoHotkey was installed, either can be used to compress the.

exe as directed by the compress parameter or the GUI setting. Note While compressing the script executable prevents casual inspection of the script s source code using a plain text editor like Notepad or a PE resource editor, it does not prevent the source code from being extracted by tools dedicated to that purpose. Passing Command Line Parameters to a Script.

Switch Meaning Works compiled. Switches Zero or more of the following. f or force Launch unconditionally, skipping any warning dialogs. This has the same effect as SingleInstance Off. And for compiled scripts, the format is. Scripts support command line parameters. Yes r or restart Indicate that the script is being restarted this is also used by the Reload command, internally. Yes ErrorStdOut.

Send syntax errors that prevent a script from launching to the standard error stream stderr rather than displaying a dialog. See ErrorStdOut for details. This can be combined with iLib to validate the script without running it. 33 An encoding can optionally be specified. ErrorStdOut Encoding. For example, ErrorStdOut UTF-8 encodes messages as UTF-8 before writing them to stderr. Yes Debug AHK_L 11 Connect to a debugging client. For more details, see Interactive Debugging.

For more details, see Script File Codepage. AHK_L 51 Overrides the default codepage used to sinais opções binárias iq option script files. 33 If Default to UTF-8 is enabled in the installer, the. ahk file type is registered with a command line including CP65001. This causes all scripts launched through the shell Explorer to default to UTF-8 in the absence of a UTF-16 byte order mark. Scripts launched by running AutoHotkey. exe directly still default to CP0as the CP65001 switch is absent. No iLib OutFile.

47 AutoHotkey loads the script but does not run it. For each script file which is auto-included via the library mechanism, two lines are written to the file specified by OutFile. These lines are written in the following format, where LibDir is the full path of the Lib folder and LibFile is the filename of the library. If the output file exists, it is overwritten.

OutFile can be to write the output to stdout. If the script contains syntax errors, the output file may be empty. The process exit code can be used to detect this condition; if there is a syntax error, the exit code is 2. The ErrorStdOut switch can be used to suppress or capture the error message. Script Filename This can be omitted if there are no Script Parameters. If omitted such as if you run AutoHotkey directly from the Start menuthe program looks for a script file called AutoHotkey.

The current user s Documents folder. The directory which contains the AutoHotkey executable. The filename AutoHotkey. ahk depends on the name of the executable used to run the script. For example, if you rename AutoHotkey. exe to MyScript. exe, it will attempt to find MyScript. If you run AutoHotkeyU32. exe without parameters, it will look for AutoHotkeyU32. Note In old versions prior to revision 51, the program looked for AutoHotkey. ini in the working directory or AutoHotkey.

ahk in My Documents. 17 Specify an asterisk for the filename to read the script text from standard input stdin. For an example, see ExecScript. Script Parameters The string s you want to pass into the script, with each separated from the next by a space. Any parameter that contains spaces should be enclosed in quotation marks. A literal quotation mark may be passed in by preceding it with a backslash.

To remove such quotes, use StringReplace, 1, 1, , All. ahk in the following locations, in this order. 27 Incoming parameters, if present, are stored as an array in the built-in variable A_Argsand can be accessed using array syntax. Consequently, any trailing slash in a quoted parameter such as C My Documents is treated as a literal quotation mark that is, the script would receive the string C My Documents. A_Args 1 contains the first parameter. The following example exits the script when too few parameters are passed to it.

If the number of parameters passed into a script varies perhaps due to the user dragging and dropping a set of files onto a scriptthe following example can be used to extract them one by one. If the parameters are file names, the following example can be used to convert them to their case-corrected long names as stored in the file systemincluding complete absolute path. ahk script may fail to work properly if 8-dot-3 short names have been turned off in an NTFS file system. One work-around is to compile the script then drag the files onto the resulting EXE.

Legacy The command line parameters are also stored in the variables 12and so on, as in versions prior to v1. In addition, 0 contains the number of parameters passed 0 if none. However, these variables cannot be referenced directly in an expression because they would be seen as numbers rather than variables. Script File Codepage AHK_L 51. In order for non-ASCII characters to be read correctly from file, the encoding used when the file was saved typically by the text editor must match what AutoHotkey uses when it reads the file.

If it does not match, characters will be decoded incorrectly. AutoHotkey uses the following rules to decide which encoding to use. If the CP n switch is passed on the command-line, codepage n is used. If the file begins with a UTF-8 or UTF-16 LE byte order mark, the appropriate codepage is used and the CP n switch is ignored.

Note The Default to UTF-8 option in the AutoHotkey v1. In all other cases, the system default ANSI codepage is used. 33 installer adds CP65001 to the command line for all scripts launched via the shell Explorer. Note that this applies only to script files loaded by AutoHotkey, not to file I O within the script itself. Known limitation dragging files onto a.

As all text is converted where necessary to the native string format, characters which are invalid or don t exist in the native codepage are replaced with a placeholder ANSI. In Unicode builds, this should only occur if there are encoding errors in the script file or the codepages used to save and load the file don t match.

RegWrite may be used to set the default for scripts launched from Explorer e. by double-clicking a sinais opções binárias iq option. This assumes AutoHotkey has already been installed. Results may be less than ideal if it has not. Debugging a Script. Commands such as ListVars and Pause can help you debug a script. For example, the following two lines, when temporarily inserted at carefully chosen positions, create break points in the script.

When the script encounters these two lines, it will display the current contents of all variables for your inspection. When you re ready to resume, un-pause the script via the File or Tray menu. FileEncoding controls the default encoding of files read or written by the script, while IniRead and IniWrite always deal in UTF-16 or ANSI. The script will then continue until reaching the next break point if any.

It is generally best to insert these break points at positions where the active window does not matter to the script, such as immediately before a WinActivate command. This allows the script to properly resume operation when you un-pause it. The following commands are also useful for debugging ListLines, KeyHistory, and OutputDebug. Some common errors, such as typos and missing global declarations, can be detected by enabling warnings. Interactive Debugging AHK_L 11.

Typically the following actions are possible. Interactive debugging is possible with a supported DBGp client. Set and remove breakpoints on lines - pause execution when a breakpoint is reached. Step through code line by line - step into, over or out of functions and subroutines. Inspect all variables or a specific variable. View the stack of running subroutines and functions. Note that this functionality is disabled for compiled scripts. To enable interactive debugging, first launch a supported debugger client then launch the script with the Debug command-line switch.

SERVER and PORT may be omitted. For example, the following are equivalent. AHK_L 59 To attach the debugger to a script which is already running, send it a message as shown below. Once the debugger client is connected, sinais opções binárias iq option may detach without terminating the script by sending the detach DBGp command. When you first start SDRa window should open looking similar to the above. This is because there is no input device selected.

You will notice that there is no frequency selected, and that the tuning indicator is tuned to DC. BASIC LAYOUT. Most DVB-T tuners based on the Realtek chip will work, and may include the E4000, FC0012, or FC0013 tuner chips. In the examples that follow, the input device used will be a DVB-T dongle with a Realtek RTL2832u control chip and an Elonics E4000 tuner. However, the actual tuning ranges and performance of the different tuner chips will vary.

552, the zadig USB driver has been installed, and Osmocom rtlsdr. dll copied into the SDR install folder. See the INSTALLING SDR section for details. The main display is broken down into separate panels, each of which has a specific purpose. The operating system shown is Windows XP SP3, SDR version 1. These panels may be set to default settings, and you may not need to adjust these.

Feel free to become familiar with the purpose and operation of each setting. If you make changes that cause SDR to become unresponsive or otherwise operate improperly, simply restarting the program will reset all settings to their default setting with the exception of the Frequency Correction ppm adjustment. See ADJUSTING FREQUENCY CORRECTION for details. On the very top, you will see the Start and Stop buttons, with bullet selections for either IQ Stream or Wave File.

IQ Stream is the default selection, and the one we will use to capture a signal from the dongle. RADIO PANEL. Next to that is an interface to select a file if Wave File is selected. Frequency The current tuned frequency. NFM Narrow FM AM Amplitude Modulation LSB Lower Side Band USB Upper Side Band WFM Wide FM DSB Double Side Band CW-L Continuous Wave Lower CW-U Continuous Wave Upper. Center The current frequency of the center of the FFT display when NOT zoomed in.

Select a new Center that is the same or near the desired new Frequency. NOTE If a frequency is entered that is outside the current frequency range displayed by the FFT, the frequency will not change. Shift This is to input an offset if an upconverter or downconverter is used so that the selected frequency is corrected to display the actual tuned frequency.

Simply check the Shift box and enter your offset.



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