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The x -axis the horizontal one is the value in question. And the y -axis the vertical one is the number of datapoints for each value on the x -axis. in other words, the number of people who eat x calories, the number of households that earn x dollars, or the number of cities with x crimes committed. Now, not all sets of data will have graphs that look this perfect.

Some will have relatively flat curves, others will be pretty steep. Sometimes the mean will lean a little bit to one side or the other. But all normally distributed data will have something like this same bell curve shape. The standard deviation is a statistic that tells you how tightly all the various examples are clustered around the mean in a set of data. When the examples are pretty tightly bunched together and the bell-shaped curve is steep, the standard deviation is small.

When the examples are spread apart and the bell curve is relatively flat, that tells you you have a relatively large standard deviation. Computing the value of a standard deviation is complicated. But let me show you graphically what a standard deviation represents. One standard deviation away from the mean in either direction on the horizontal axis the two shaded areas closest to the center axis on the above graph accounts for somewhere around 68 percent of the people in this group.

Two standard deviations away from the mean the four areas closest to the center areas account for roughly 95 percent of the people. And three standard deviations all the shaded areas account for about 99 percent of the people. If this curve were flatter and more spread out, the standard deviation would have to be larger in order to account for those 68 percent or so of the people.

So that s why the standard deviation can tell you how spread out the examples in a set are from the mean. Why is this useful. Here s an example If you are comparing test scores for different schools, the standard deviation will tell you how diverse the test scores are for each school. Let s say Springfield Elementary has a higher mean test score than Shelbyville Elementary.

Your first reaction might be to say that the kids at Springfield are smarter. By asking a few follow-up questions you might find that, say, Springfield s mean was skewed up because the school district sends all of the gifted education kids to Springfield. Or that Shelbyville s scores were dragged down because students who recently have been mainstreamed from special education classes have all been sent to Shelbyville.

In this way, looking at the standard deviation can help point you in the right direction when asking why information is the way it is. But a bigger standard deviation for one school tells you that there are relatively more kids at that school scoring toward one extreme or the other. Of course, you ll iq option compra y venta to seek the advice of a trained statistician whenever you try to evaluate the worth of any scientific research. But if you know at least a little about standard deviation going in, that will make your talk with him or her much more productive.

Okay, because so many of you asked nicely. Here is one formula for computing the standard deviation. A warning, this is for math geeks only. Writers and others seeking only a basic understanding of stats don t need to read any more in this chapter. Remember, a decent calculator or a stats program will calculate this for you. Terms you ll need to know x one value in your set of data avg x the mean average of all values x in your set of data n the number of values x in your set of data.

For each value x, subtract the overall avg x from x, then multiply that result by itself otherwise known as determining the square of that value. Sum up all those squared values. Then divide that result by n-1. Then, there s one more step. find the square root of that last number. Now, remember how I told you this was one way of computing this. Sometimes, you divide by n instead of n-1.

It s too complex to explain here. So don t try to go figuring out a standard deviation if you just learned about it on this page. Just be satisfied that you ve now got a grasp on the basic concept. The more practical way to compute it. In Microsoft Excel, type the following code into the cell where you want the Standard Deviation result, using the unbiased, or n-1 method.

STDEV A1 Z99 substitute the cell name of the first value in your dataset for A1, and the cell name of the last value for Z99. STDEVP A1 Z99 if you want to use the biased or n method. That s the standard deviation of your set of data. How to write great survey questions and avoid common mistakes. August 11, 2020 14 min read. Crafting survey questions is both art and science. The wording you choose can make the difference between accurate, useful data and just the opposite.

Fortunately, we ve got a raft of tips to help. Creating surveys that yield actionable insights is all about sweating the details. Essential for success is understanding the different types of survey questions and how they work. And writing effective questionnaire questions is the first step. Each format needs a slightly different approach to question-writing. We also see common mistakes that keep survey questions from being effective all the time. These problems span various survey question types from rating scale questions to open-ended to multiple choice.

In this article, we ll introduce some survey question types and how to approach writing them, and list some common errors to avoid so you can make sure your surveys, and the data they provide, is as high-quality as possible. Here s an introduction to some of the most common survey question formats, and how to write them well. Some are very popular and used frequently by a wide range of people from students to market researchers, while others are more specialist and used to explore complex topics.

Familiar to many, multiple choice questions ask a respondent to pick from a range of options. You can set up the question so that only one selection is possible, or allow more than one to be ticked. When writing a multiple choice question. Survey question types. Be clear about whether the survey taker should choose one pick only one or several select all that apply.

Did you know that Qualtrics provides 23 question types you can use in your surveys. Think carefully about the options you provide, since these will shape your results data. The phrase of the following can be helpful for setting expectations. For example, if you ask What is your favorite meal and provide the options hamburger and friesspaghetti and meatballsthere s a good chance your respondent s true favorite won t be included.

If you add of the following the question makes more sense. Asking participants to rank things in order, whether it s order of preference, frequency or perceived value, is done using a rank structure. There can be a variety of interfaces, including drag-and-drop, radio buttons, text boxes and more. When writing a rank order question. For example drag and drop the items in this list to show your order of preference.

Explain how the interface works and what the respondent should do to indicate their choice. Be clear about which end of the scale is which. For example, With the best at the top, rank these items from best to worst Be as specific as you can about how the respondent should consider the options and how to rank them. For example, thinking about the last 3 months viewing, rank these TV streaming services in order of quality, starting with the best.

Slider structures ask the respondent to move a pointer or button along a scale, usually a numerical one, to indicate their answers. When writing a slider question. Consider whether the question format will be intuitive to your respondents, and whether you should add help text such as click tap and drag on the bar to select your answer Qualtrics includes the option for an open field where your respondent can type their answer instead of using a slider.

Also known as an open field question, this format allows survey-takers to answer in their own words by typing into the box. When writing a text entry question. If you offer this, make sure to reference it in the survey question so the respondent understands its purpose. Use open-ended question structures like How do you feel about If you said x, why. Open-ended questions take more effort to answer, so use these types of questions sparingly.

or What makes a good x. Be as clear and specific as possible in how you frame the question. Give them as much context as you can to help make answering easier. For example, rather than How is our customer service.write Thinking about your interaction with us today, what could we do better. Matrix table. Matrix structures allow you to address several topics using the same rating system, for example a Likert scale Very satisfied satisfied neither satisfied nor dissatisfied dissatisfied very dissatisfied.

When writing a matrix table question. Make sure the topics are clearly differentiated from each other, so that participants don t get confused by similar questions placed side by side and answer the wrong one. A matrix includes a lot of information already, so make it easier for your survey-taker by using plain language and short, clear phrases in your matrix text.

Add detail to the introductory static text if necessary to help keep the labels short. For example, if your introductory text says In the Philadelphia store, how satisfied were you with the you can make the topic labels very brief, for example staff friendliness signage price labeling etc. Now that you know your rating scales from your open fields, here are the 7 most common mistakes to avoid when you write questions.

We ve also added plenty of survey question examples to help illustrate the points. Survey question mistake 1 Failing to avoid leading words questions. Subtle wording differences can produce great differences in results. For example, non-specific words and ideas can cause a certain level of confusing ambiguity in your survey. In addition, strong words such as force and prohibit represent control or action and can bias your results. Could, should, and might all sound about the same, but may produce a 20 difference in agreement to a question.

The government should force you to pay higher taxes. No one likes to be forced, and no one likes higher taxes. This agreement scale question makes it sound doubly bad to raise taxes. When survey questions read more like normative statements than questions looking for objective feedback, any ability to measure that feedback becomes difficult. Wording alternatives can be developed. How about simple statements such as The government should increase taxes, or the government needs to increase taxes.

How would you rate the career of legendary outfielder Joe Dimaggio. This survey question tells you Joe Dimaggio is a legendary outfielder. This type of wording can bias respondents. How about replacing the word legendary with baseball as in How would you rate the career of baseball outfielder Joe Dimaggio. A rating scale question like this gets more accurate answers from the start.

Survey question mistake 2 Failing to give mutually exclusive choices. Multiple choice response options should be mutually exclusive so that respondents can make clear choices. Don t create ambiguity for respondents. Review your survey and identify ways respondents could get stuck with either too many or no single, correct answers to choose from. What is your age. What answer would you select if you were 10, 20, or 30. Survey questions like this will frustrate a respondent and invalidate your results.

What type of vehicle do you own. This question has the same problem. What if the respondent owns a truck, hybrid, convertible, cross-over, motorcycle, or no vehicle at all. Survey question mistake 3 Not asking direct questions. Questions that are vague and do not communicate your intent can limit the usefulness of your results. Make sure respondents know what you re asking. What suggestions do you have for improving Tom s Tomato Juice.

This question may be intended to obtain suggestions about improving taste, but respondents will offer suggestions about texture, the type of can or bottle, about mixing juices, or even suggestions relating to using tomato juice as a mixer or in recipes. What do you like to do for fun. It is unclear that the researcher is asking about movies vs.

Finding out that respondents like to play Scrabble isn t what the researcher is looking for, but it may be the response received. A respondent could take this question in many directions. Survey question mistake 4 Forgetting to add a prefer not to answer option. Sometimes respondents may not want you to collect certain types of information or may not want to provide you with the types information requested. other forms of paid entertainment. Questions about income, occupation, finances, family life, personal hygiene, and personal, political, or religious beliefs can be too intrusive and be rejected by the respondent.

Privacy is an important issue to most people. Incentives and assurances of confidentiality can make it easier to obtain private information. While current research does not support that PNA Prefer Not to Answer options increase data quality or response rates, many respondents appreciate this non-disclosure option. Furthermore, different cultural groups may respond differently. One recent study found that while U. respondents skip sensitive questions, Asian respondents often discontinue the survey entirely.

What is your race. Did you vote in the last election. What are your religious beliefs. What are your political beliefs. What is your annual household income. These types of questions should be asked only when absolutely necessary. In addition, they should always include an option to not answer. Prefer Not to Answer. Survey question mistake 5 Failing to cover all possible answer choices. Do you have all of the options covered. If you are unsure, conduct a pretest using Other please specify as an option.

If more than 10 of respondents in a pretest or otherwise select other, you are probably missing an answer. Review the Other text your test respondents have provided and add the most frequently mentioned new options to the list. You indicated that you eat at Joe s fast food once every 3 months. Why don t you eat at Joe s more often. There isn t a location near my house.

I don t like the taste of the food. This question doesn t include other options, such as healthiness of the food, price value or some other reason. Never heard of it. Over 10 of respondents would probably have a problem answering this question. Survey question mistake 6 Not using unbalanced scales carefully. Unbalanced scales may be appropriate for some situations and promote bias in others. For instance, a hospital might use an Excellent - Very Good - Good - Fair scale where Fair is the lowest customer satisfaction point because they believe Fair is absolutely unacceptable and requires correction.

The key is to correctly interpret your analysis of the scale. If Fair is the lowest point on a scale, then a result slightly better than fair is probably not a good one. Additionally, scale points should represent equi-distant points on a scale. That is, they should have the same equal conceptual distance from one point to the next. For example, researchers have shown the points to be nearly equi-distant on the strongly disagree disagree neutral agree strongly agree scale.

Set your bottom point as the worst possible situation and top point as the best possible, then evenly spread the labels for your scale points in-between. What is your opinion of Crazy Justin s auto-repair. This question puts the center of the scale at fantastic, and the lowest possible rating as Pretty Good. This question is not capable of collecting true opinions of respondents. Survey question mistake 7 Not asking only one question at a time. There is often a temptation to ask multiple questions at once.

This can cause problems for respondents and influence their responses. Review each question and make sure it asks only one clear question. What is the fastest and most economical internet service for you. This is really asking two questions. The fastest is often not the most economical. How likely are you to go out for dinner and a movie this weekend. Even though dinner and a movie is a common term, this is two questions as well. It is best to separate activities into different questions or give respondents these options.

Dinner and Movie. While not totally inclusive, these seven survey question tips are common offenders in building good survey questions. Focus on creating clear questions and having an understandable, appropriate, and complete set of answer choices. Great questions and great answer choices lead to great research success. To learn more about survey question design, download our eBook, The Qualtrics Handbook of Question Design or get started with a free survey account on our with our world-class survey software.

Check out our 2020 Buyer s Guide - Choose the Best Free Survey Tool for Your Business. Create Surveys for Free. Lastly, don t underestimate the importance of choosing the write survey tool for your business. Sarah Fisher is a contributor to the Qualtrics blog. Scott Smith, Ph. is a contributor to the Qualtrics blog.

One in five Americans would seek infection with the COVID-19 virus to earn an immunity passport. 5 challenges in getting back to school and 5 ways to tackle them. Reimagining school the ongoing new normal. How the Utah State Board of Education is winning funding and addressing the COVID-19 crisis. 5 Common errors in the research process.

Sample Size Calculator. What you need to know when selecting an academic research platform. The well-being question we most definitely should be asking students, parents and teachers. Keep text brief and focused. Customers Integrations Blog Events Certification Resource Library. Sybase Adaptive connection strings. It s also possible to define the port value together with the data source value, separated either by colon or comma i. Specify charset. Many times when connecting to Sybase ASE the charset needs to be provided in the connection string.

DataSource servernameport; or DataSource servername port. This is done by adding charset charset value. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; Charset iso_1. Use encrypted password. Use password encryption or plain text. If encryption is not supported an error will occur. Password is sent over the wire after a login is negotiated. If encryption is possible it will be encrypted. Otherwise it will be sent as plain text. Connection pooling reuse connections from a pool.

It saves the connection handle for reuse, instead of open new connections. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; Min Pool Size 5; Max Pool Size 50. Connection pooling is turned on by default. The Max Pool Size value restricts the maximum number of open connections. The calls to AseConnection. Connection Pooling. It s sometimes a good idea to disable connection pooling for trouble shooting.

Open fail with an AseException if the limit is reached. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; Pooling False. Connection pooling with idle time out. Specified in seconds, how long a connection can be idle in the pool before the driver closes the connection. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; ConnectionIdleTimeout 600. Default value is 0, meaning connections can stay idle for an indefinite amount of time.

The driver will never close the connection. Connection pooling with max lifetime. Specified in seconds, how long an underlying connection can exist before the driver closes the underlying connection instead of returning it to the connection pool upon connection object close. Idle pooled connections are closed and removed from the pool once they reach the defined Connection Lifetime.

Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; Connection Lifetime 600. Default value is 0, meaning connections can remain open for an indefinite amount of time. If opening a connection to the primary server specified by the Data Source value is unsuccessful, the driver uses the servers listed in Alternate Servers.

Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; HASession 1; AlternateServers anotherASEserver 5001,aThirdASEserver 5005. After a connection is established, with any available instance, the client receives an updated list of failover targets from the server. Cluster Edition connection failover. Connection failover alternative syntax. This is just another way of specifying failover in the connection string. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; HASession 1; Secondary Data Source anotherASEserver; Secondary Server Port 5002.

Disable transaction auto-enlistment. default protocol is XA. Use MS DTC OLE Native protocol for distributed transactions. Two connections in same transaction enlistment. Use this if you open two database connections to the same Adaptive Server server and enlist these connections in the same distributed transaction. If not specified TightlyCoupledTransaction 1; the distributed transaction may fail. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; TightlyCoupledTransaction 1.

Using the sql. If the server isn t aliased, you have to use the ip address and port number in the connection string, not ideal as these may change occassionally. Installing sybase on a machine, you will have a sql. ini file that maps an alias name to an ip address and a port. ini updated when necessary.

Use the following connection string to force the AseConnection object to use the interface file. That file can be rolled out to all users, and the sql. DSURL file c sybase ini sql. Provide client info to the ASE server. ClientHostName and ClientHostProc are used for the login record on the server. The ApplicationName is used by Adaptive Server to identify the client application. Set buffer cache size. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; BufferCacheSize 50.

Use OEM code page type. Default is ANSI. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; CodePageType OEM. Increase for very large results to boost performance. Count last update only. The records affected count returned includes all records happening from all updates or inserts including triggers in a stored procedure.

Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; CumulativeRecordCount 0. Use this to return only the last update insert count. Enable bulk load. Using ASEBulkCopy is disabled by default. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; EnableBulkLoad 1. Use this to allow for different bulk load operations.

Options 1 bulk-load using array insert, 2 bulk-load using the bulk copy interface, 3 bulk-load using the fast logged bulk copy interface. The default packet size is 512 bytes. Set network transfer packet size. Disable server packet size decission. Adaptive Server server versions 15. 0 and later wants to choose the optimal packetsize.

Use this to disable that feature. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; EnableServerPacketSize 0. Max packet size. If you are using EnableServerPacketSize but still needs to set an upper limit you can specify that limit in multiples of 512 all the way to 65,536. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; RestrictMaximum PacketSize 4096.

Specify fetch results row count. Use this to control how many rows are received during fetch from server. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; FetchArraySize 50. Default is 25 rows. Set connection timeout. Specified in seconds. Default is 15 seconds. 0 means indefinite wait. Connection pooling without ping. Default behaviour when obtaining and activating an idle connection from the pool is to ping the server to verify that the underlying connection is valid.

Use this connection string to disable ping. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; Ping Server false. Increase size of text and binary receive. Adaptive server sends no more than 32k of text and binary data as default. Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; TextSize 64000. Activate use of ASE decimals. The AseDecimal support a precision scale of 78.

Data Source myASEserver; Port 5000; Database myDataBase; Uid myUsername; Pwd myPassword; UseAseDecimal 1. Use cursors. The driver does not use cursors by default. Use this option to activate cursors. With Data Source. Note that you must create a Data Source. IDS file using the Sybase Data Administrator. Sybase ASE OLE DB Provider. IDS files resemble ODBC DSNs. Adaptive Server Enterprise ASE alternative 1. Some reports on problem using the above one, try the following as an alternative.

Adaptive Server Enterprise ASE alternative 2. Some other reports on problem using the above one, try the following as an alternative. Adaptive Server Enterprise ASE 12. This one works only from Open Client 12. IDS Data Source files. 5 where the server port number feature works, allowing fully qualified connection strings to be used without defining any. Adaptive Server Enterprise ASE 15. 0 alternative. This one is included because of reported problems with using the Catalog key which was solved by using the 12.

5 syntax key Initial Catalog instead. Provider ASEOLEDB; Data Source myASEserver 5000; Initial Catalog myDataBase; User Id myUsername; Password myPassword. Use this when connecting to a server located on the other side of a router. Adaptive Server Anywhere OLE DB Provider. Without the Links tcpip Host servername the error Server could not be found can arise when connecting.

Sybase SQL Anywhere former Watcom SQL ODBC driver. Default local database engine. The empty DSN parameter could be critical if experiencing error 7778. Remember to start the connection string with odbc if you are using PHP PDO_ODBC. Database engine not running. If AutoStop is set to YES then the database is unloaded automatically as soon as there are no more open connections to it. When the engine starts the database specified by DatabaseFile, the engine will use the supplied DatabaseSwitches as command line options to determine startup options for the database.

The Sybase manual contains a List of DatabaseSwitch values. Intersolv 3. Adaptive Server Enterprise ODBC driver. The key app is optional. Standard Sybase System 12 Enterprise Open Client. Standard Sybase System 12. 5 Enterprise Open Client. TDS based ODBC driver from Sybase OCS 12. Standard Sybase System 11. Adaptive Server Anywhere ODBC Driver. Specific port. Multiple servers. Multiple servers with different TCP IP ports.

SQL_MIDOFF_OPC1 ; Database myDataBase; UID myUsername; PWD myPassword; APP myAppName. 15 Points BombUdo 10 Points julianpather 10 Points pk7068 10 Points jekyllandhide 10 Points jackermey 10 Points KAmes4545 10 Points wedgieboy 9 Points secureckb 5 Points ecuison 5 Points RINTI1012. All the best Charting Software and Trading Systems for Technical Analysis of Stocks Futures Options Forex. See an extensive list of charting software packages, Chart software for Macintosh, and plugin trading systems used by traders for the Technical Analysis and trading of Stocks Options in the Stock Market, as well as Futures, Commodities and Forex foreign currency exchange.

Looking for Stock charting software. What is the best Stock Chart Software. You can find a list of chart software below, with information about each and some user reviews. Each package is unique, with strengths in some areas - and sometimes weaknesses in others because they specialize in certain types of technical analysis or trading style and not others. Also a List of chart software for Macintosh here. Of course, each trader has unique needs and will probably develop a unique trading style as well, so you will need to assess the suitability of any chart software or trading system based on your own requirements.

We hope we provide our visitors with enough information to help make that choice. Most chart software can produce charts of all financial instruments as long as you have an appropriate supply of data from a data vendor. We recommend you run the chart software on the fastest computer with the most amount of RAM and fastest internet connection that you can afford. Of course you will also need an account with a Broker to be able to trade whichever instrument you choose.

As prices for market products stocks, futures etc. change over time, the prices and other information about the product including the volume traded, total volume of contracts, or the number of short positions versus the number of long positions etc. can be charted in a graphical form. What is Technical Analysis. These charts form repeatable patterns, and provide other information that can be used to form an opinion about the future direction of price movement.

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8 nível de projeção. Para que o sinal seja totalmente válido, deve haver um retracement para entre 50 8211 88. Mais alto o retracement vai, mais forte o sinal.

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This tells you the opinion other users have about Business Objects DataRight IQ Hispanic Parsing Option, from Highly recommended to Very dangerous. This is good because Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a very iq option compra y venta uninstaller and all around tool to clean your Windows PC.

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Ton bol est appétissant et me convient tout à fait.

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Local 102 de Port Ginesta. Tenemos clases de formación destinada a superar las pruebas teóricas de todos los títulos, licencias y certificados náuticos de recreo Patrón de Navegación Básica PNBPatrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo PER.