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Finally, developers may want to extend other protocols e.Service Discovery XEP-0030 4 in a flexible manner in order to provide information that is not defined in the base protocol. In all of these cases, it would be helpful to use a generic data description format that can be used for dynamic forms generation and data modelling in a variety of circumstances. Let us imagine that when a user creates a multi-user chatroom on a text conferencing service, the service allows the user to configure the room in various ways.

While most implementations will probably provide a somewhat common set of configurable features discussion logging, maximum number of room occupants, etc.there will be some divergence perhaps one implementation will enable archiving of the room log in a variety of file types XML, HTML, PDF, etc. and for a variety of time periods hourly, daily, weekly, etc.whereas another implementation may present a boolean on off choice of logging in only one format e.

An example may be helpful.daily logs saved in HTML. Obviously, the first implementation will have more configuration options than the second implementation., a better design would involve a more flexible format. Rather than hard-coding every option via distinct XML elements e. 0 5 on which development had just begun when this protocol was designed. The jabber x data protocol described herein defines such a flexible format for use by Jabber XMPP entities, steering a middle course between the simplicity of name-value pairs and the complexity of XForms 1.

In many ways, jabber x data is similar to the Forms Module of XHTML 1. 0 6 ; however, it provides several Jabber-specific data types, enables applications to require data fields, integrates more naturally into iq option ultimas noticias workflow semantics of IQ stanzas, and can be included as an extension of existing Jabber XMPP protocols in ways that the XHTML Forms Module could not when this protocol was developed especially because Modularization of XHTML 7 did not exist at that time.

This document addresses the following requirements. Data Gathering -- the protocol should enable a form-processing entity commonly a server, service, or bot to gather data from a form-submitting entity commonly a client controlled by a human user ; this should be done via distinct data fields e.items in a questionnaire or configuration formeach of which can be a different data type and enable free-form input or a choice between multiple options as is familiar from HTML forms.

Data Reporting -- the protocol should enable a form-processing entity to report data results to a form-submitting entity, again via distinct data fields. Portability -- the protocol should as much as possible define generic data formats and basic datatypes only; hints may be provided regarding the user interface, but they should be hints only and not hard-and-fast requirements.

Simplicity -- the protocol should be simple for clients to implement, and most of the complexity validation and processing should be the responsibility of servers and components rather than clients. Flexibility -- the protocol should be flexible and extensible rather than hard-coded. Compatibility -- the protocol should define an extension to existing Jabber XMPP protocols and not break existing implementations unless absolutely necessary. Iq option ultimas noticias base syntax for the jabber x data namespace is as follows a formal description can be found in the XML Schema section below.

The OPTIONAL and elements enable the form-processing entity to label the form as a whole and specify natural-language instructions to be followed by the form-submitting entity. The element qualified by the jabber x data namespace SHOULD be included either directly as a first-level child of a stanza or as a second-level child of an stanza where the first-level child is an element qualified by a wrapper namespace ; see also the restrictions enumerated below.presentation in a user interface is unspecified herein; however, multiple instances of the element MAY be included.

1 Form TypesВ. The data gathered or provided in a jabber x data form can be situated in a number of different contexts. The XML character data for these elements SHOULD NOT contain newlines the n and r charactersand any handling of newlines e. Examples include an empty form that needs to be filled out, a completed form, the results of a submission, a search result, or simply a set of data that is encapsulated using the jabber x data namespace. The full context for the data is provided by three things.

the wrapper protocol i.the namespace whose root element is the direct child of the stanza and the parent of the element qualified by the jabber x data namespace the place of the form within a transaction e.a message the type attribute on the form s root element. The first two pieces of contextual information are provided by other protocols, whereas the form types are described in the following IQ set or result or structured conversation e.

Table 1 Form TypesВ Type Description form The form-processing entity is asking the form-submitting entity to complete a form. submit The form-submitting entity is submitting data to the form-processing entity. The submission MAY include fields that were not provided in the empty form, but the form-processing entity MUST ignore any fields that it does not understand. Furthermore, the submission MAY omit fields not marked with required.

In order to maintain the context of the data as captured in the form type, the following rules MUST be observed. For stanzas, the root element qualified by the iq option ultimas noticias namespace in a form of type form or submit MUST be returned in a form of type result. The element qualified by the jabber x data namespace MUST be a child of the wrapper namespace s root element.

As defined in XMPP Core 8the id attribute MUST be copied in the IQ result. For data forms of type form or resultthe stanza SHOULD be of type result. For data forms of type submit or cancelthe stanza SHOULD be of type set. For stanzas, the SHOULD be copied in the reply if provided. The element qualified by the jabber x data namespace MUST be a child of the stanza. 2 The Field ElementВ. A data form of type formsubmitor result SHOULD contain at least one element; a data form of type cancel SHOULD NOT contain any elements.

The user then submits the configuration form. User Submits Bot Creation FormВ. Service Returns Bot Creation ResultВ. The service then returns the results to the user. Now that the user has created this search bot, let us suppose that one of the friends he has invited decides to try it out by sending a search request.

User Requests Search FormВ Example 6. Service Returns Search FormВ Example 7. User Submits Search FormВ Example 8. Service Returns Search ResultsВ. Service DiscoveryВ. If an entity supports inclusion of the element qualified by the jabber x data namespace as a direct child of the stanza type, it MUST report support by including a service discovery feature of jabber x data see Protocol Namespaces regarding issuance of one or more permanent namespaces in response to a Service Discovery information request.

Service Discovery information requestВ Example 10. The element MAY contain any of the following child elements. If an entity supports data forms indirectly through inclusion of data forms in a wrapper namespace rather than directly within a stanzait MUST NOT advertise support for the jabber x data namespace, since support is implicit in support for the wrapper protocol. This document requires no interaction with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority IANA 13.

There are no security concerns related to this specification above and beyond those described in the relevant section of XMPP Core. The XMPP Registrar 14 includes the jabber x data namespace in its registry of protocol namespaces. 2 Parameter ValuesВ. The XMPP Registrar maintains a registry of parameter values related to the jabber x data namespace, specifically as defined in Field Standardization for Data Forms XEP-0068 15 ; the registry is located at.

This schema is descriptive, not normative. Changes in Final StateВ. The following substantive protocol changes have been made while this specification has been in the Final state. Specified that the var attribute is required for all field types except fixedfor which the var attribute is optional. Several existing Jabber XMPP protocols involve the exchange of structured data between users and applications for common tasks such as registration In-Band Registration XEP-0077 1 and searching Jabber Search XEP-0055 2.

Specified when to advertise support via service discovery. Removed references to. Changes in Draft StateВ. The following substantive protocol changes were made while this specification was in the Draft state. The element MAY be included directly in and. The element MAY contain a child for forms and results. A element MAY be of type jid-single. Results MAY be reported back in tags.

Results MAY contain a element with result set. The element MUST possess a type attribute. The fields MAY possess a type attribute to provide hints about how to interact with the data type jid-single being the most useful. Joe Hildebrand. Jeremie Miller. XEP-0055 Jabber Search. Modularization of XHTML. XML Schema Part 2 Datatypes. 1 of XML Schema Part 2 Datatypesthe allowable lexical representations for the xs boolean datatype are the strings 0 and false for the concept false and the strings 1 and true for the concept true ; implementations MUST support both styles of lexical representation.

XEP-0050 Ad-Hoc Commands. Clarify that fields which are not required may be omitted on submission. Clarified the definition and handling of the list-multi and list-single field types; specified that hidden field values should not be modified unless such behavior is defined for the using protocol; specified that a submission should include all fields provided in the empty form and may include additional fields, but that additional fields must be ignored if not understood by the form-processing entity.

Removed mentions of presence stanzas; added section on discovering support; added section on substantive changes in Final state. Incorporated errata 1 clarified rules regarding inclusion of option and value elements depending on field type; 2 clarified handling of default values; 3 added value elements to list-multi field in Example 2; 4 harmonized spelling of form-processing entity and form-submitting entity.

Incorporated errata 1 corrected syntax of element element should not contain a child ; 2 corrected Example 8. Clarified terminology regarding form-processing entities and form-submitting entities; corrected several small errors in the schema. Per discussion by the authors and Jabber Council, specified that the var attribute is required for all field types except fixedfor which the var attribute is optional. Formalization and further editorial revisions.

Per a vote of the Jabber Council, changed status to Final. Call for Experience changes see Changes in Draft State section. This version voted to Final on 2002-12-09. Per a vote of the Jabber Council, changed status to Draft. Protocol tweaks based on Standards list discussion. Protocol tweaks based on implementation and discussion. Major redesign to attempt to clarify the scope of this document and limit what it is trying to solve.

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1 Don t Exercise Your Long Option. Here are our Top 5 MUST-KNOW traps to avoid during this volatile time and some pointers for handling any crazy positions. You really shouldn t consider exercising options at expiration it s just not worth it unless you are a big fan of the stock and company. Unless you bought a call or put so that you could take a longer term position in the stock, you are generally better off closing the option trade than purchasing the shares.

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Such a settlement price is what determines the options that are in the money. Hence, you should be increasingly careful not to assume that the Friday morning index price reflects the settlement price. Start The FREE Course on Options Basics Today Whether you are a completely new trader or an experienced trader, you ll still need to master the basics. For this reason, it would be far safer to exit your position by Thursday afternoon when dealing with European options.

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Just to let you know, the last couple of days are the worst time to exit trades because of the increased gamma risk. This means that an option s value will swing faster in both directions during these final days until expiration. As such, profits can evaporate overnight. Let some other guy trade those last couple of pennies in value, praying for the big move.

Of course, if you re a net option seller like us, option expiration is a great time. We just let our positions expire worthless and keep the entire premium we collected at expiration as profit. Honestly we should start having expiration day parties. 4 Check Option Open Interest. Most traders do not take their time to check out option open interest. Iq option ultimas noticias is the number of open contracts for both puts and calls in a given month. The theory behind this is that the more overlap there is in the strike prices, the more likely the market will tend to trade towards that level at expiration.

Since we know that most contracts expire worthless at expiration, it s safe to assume that the market will move into an area that causes the most pain for option buyers. 5 Consider Rolling Your Option Position. Some investors are adamantly convinced that stocks are better than options, simply because options expire. However, that can be easily dealt with by rolling your option position.

You can still take advantage of your winning position especially if the position looks likely to continue in your favor. Using a technique known as rollingyou can lock in your profits in a favorable position and benefit from additional upside. You shouldn t fall into the trap, like many other traders, of losing out on your winning streak as time runs out and when the expiration date draws closer. This is something you can actually do even before expiration week, whether the expiration date is five, three, or two months away.

It would certainly be far better to take advantage of it earlier than later. Rolling helps you bank your profits. You can then use your original investment capital to buy another option with a further-away expiration month. In this regard, consider whether you have calls or puts. With calls, roll up to a higher strike price especially if the stock keeps rising.

In the case of puts, roll down to a lower strike price. This is something you can do continually while your stock keeps on running for calls or falling for puts. Best of all, you ll also maintain the same-size position. Using this technique, you ll be limiting your risks while locking in your profits. Apparently, this is a benefit unique to options and thus not found with any other security. It s no wonder options make such attractive investment opportunities.

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